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Elle MacPherson Is Passive Agressive, Not Anti-Semitic [AUDIO]

by Rob Eshman

March 15, 2012 | 11:14 am

Miss Passive Agressive

The web is buzzing over whether supermodel Elle MacPherson made anti-semitic comments during her Howard Stern Show appearance.  She didn’t—but she did say something awful.

Howard asked her whether she had any photos of herself hanging in her house, and Elle said she did have one, a famous Herb Ritts image of her wearing nothing but a holster. Howard asked whether that wasn’t too provocative considering her sons are still teenagers.

MacPherson went on the offensive:

“Howard, I think you are just being absolutely Jewish!!!” she said.

“Why is that Jewish?” asked Stern.

“You’re being overprotective!” said MacPherson. “You sound like a nagging mother!”

Anti-semitic?  Nah—MacPherson was just comparing Howard to a “Jewish mother,” though it didn’t come out exactly right.  But as she explained elsewhere in the interview, she knows from Jewish neuroses—her two husbands and her first boyfriend—all Jews. 

It’s what happened right AFTER that exchange that reveals something way more messed up about Elle. 

“I once saw my mother come out of the shower,” Howard said,  “it traumatized me.”

“Yeah, I can imagine,” Elle shot back, ” if she looks like you.”

There it is: ouch.  Elle made a very cruel, superfluous dig at Howard’s looks—something he makes fun of, but something he—like anyone else—is very sensitive about.  And here is this supermodel basically telling him, “Feh!.” 

The old Howard would have laid into her right then and there, but the new Howard moved quickly past it and ended the interview all gentlemanly.

Howard took the high road, but had to be seething.  Listen to the audio.  Am i wrong?  Why would a woman known for her incomparable beauty feel the ned to denigrate Howard’s looks? A shrink would go to town on her for this: is her M.O. to take on powerful men then gain the upper hand by pointing out how much better looking she is? 

Forget the antisemitic B.S.—Elle MacPherson has deeper issues than that.  Listen and let me know what you think….

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