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  • The Israel Factor: Obama pretty bad for peace

    December 20, 2011 | 5:36 am What do nine Israeli scholars and ex-officials know about American politics? Why should we even consider it worthy of attention? These questions are often asked whenever a new survey of... read on
  • The 14th lie of I Love Israel

    December 19, 2011 | 4:33 pm Buried deep toward the very end of David Rothkopf’s The 14 Biggest Lies of 2011 you can find this observation: “I love Israel.” Everybody in U.S. politics says it. Most of those... read on
  • The Israel Factor 12.2011, Questionnaire

    December 18, 2011 | 11:27 pm From 1 (bad for Israel) to 10 (good for Israel): Generally speaking, please rate the following:         The Tea Party movement                  Occupy Wall Street    ... read on
  • The Israel Factor 12.2011, Full Statistics

    December 18, 2011 | 10:55 pm From 1 (bad for Israel) to 10 (good for Israel): Generally speaking, please rate the following:         The Tea Party movement     3.33         Occupy Wall Street    ... read on
  • The Israel Factor: Romney tops Gingrich who tops Obama

    December 18, 2011 | 9:55 pm The Israel Factor project and panel has moved with me to the new Rosner’s Domain on The Jewish Journal. This is cause for celebration – the Factor was always one of the most... read on
  • Weekend tidbits, 12.17.11: Jewish vote wars

    December 17, 2011 | 3:23 pm On Thursday, the “Emergency Committee for Israel” took out ads in major U.S. newspapers questioning Obama’s record on Israel. The ads accused the Obama administration of treating... read on
  • Obama speaks at the URJ Conference

    December 17, 2011 | 3:12 pm
  • The Reform Movement must progress from being a collection of social clubs for liberal 60 year olds

    December 16, 2011 | 2:59 am Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan is the rabbi of Congregation Kahal Kadosh Shaare Shalom, the United Congregation of Israelites, in Kingston, Jamaica and teaches Judaism at the United Theological... read on
  • Ministry of Ignorant Absorption?

    December 16, 2011 | 2:47 am This was published a week ago or so on Arnie Eisen’s On My Mind blog, but I only got to see it yesterday. It is JTS’ Eisen take on the bring-Israelis-back ad campaign controversy. A... read on
  • Zohar Segev

    December 15, 2011 | 7:41 pm Dr. Zohar Segev is a senior lecturer at the department of Jewish History at the University of Haifa. Teaches and researches American Jewry history and Zionist history. His latest... read on
  • Abraham Ben Zvi

    December 15, 2011 | 7:25 pm Professor Abraham Ben-Zvi has lectured in international relations in the 1970s. He has taught at the University of Chicago, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Cornell University and... read on
  • Alon Pinkas

    December 15, 2011 | 7:24 pm Ambassador Alon Pinkas served as Israel’s Consul General in New York from 2000 – 2004. Prior to that, Pinkas served as the Chief of Staff to two foreign ministers and was the adviser... read on
  • Dore Gold

    December 15, 2011 | 7:20 pm Ambassador Dore Gold is President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. He was the eleventh Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (1997-1999). He previously... read on
  • Yossi Shain

    December 15, 2011 | 7:17 pm Yossi Shain is an academic specializing in international relations, comparative politics and diaspora politics. He formerly headed the political science department at Tel Aviv... read on
  • Eytan Gilboa

    December 15, 2011 | 7:16 pm Eytan Gilboa is professor of Political Science and Communication, director of the Center for International Communication and senior researcher at the BESA Center for Strategic... read on

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