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  • September 4, 2012

    September 4, 2012 | 3:16 am In-depth‎ ‎ Was Yasser Arafat Poisoned? Juliane von Mittelstaedt and Volkhard Windfuhr of Der Spiegel ask: If it is true that the Palestinian leader was poisoned, then who might... read on
  • September 3, 2012

    September 3, 2012 | 1:15 am ‎In-depth‎ Ahmadinejad vs. Israel, Palestine – and Iran The Islamist regime in Iran will sacrifice everything to destroy Israel, writes George Jochnowitz in... read on
  • September 2, 2012

    September 2, 2012 | 8:45 am ‎In-depth‎ Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula: Fertile ground for discontent Sarah El-Rashidi of Ahram enlists expert analysis of the geopolitical, demographic and socio-economic dynamics at... read on
  • August 31, 2012

    August 31, 2012 | 3:41 am In-depth‎ Five Reasons Why the Assad Regime Survives The Syrian president has created a situation which could mean the survival of his regime - in one form or another - for quite... read on
  • ‎3 comments on the GOP hammering Obama on Israel

    August 30, 2012 | 4:03 am ‎1.‎ President Obama came under attack yesterday for his many sins –as interpreted by ‎GOP candidates – among them the mistreatment of Israel. Senator John McCain, the ‎GOP... read on
  • Condoleezza Rice addresses the GOP convention

    August 30, 2012 | 3:19 am
  • August 30, 2012

    August 30, 2012 | 1:21 am ‎In-depth‎ An Autumn Abyss? As the Middle East marches closer to war, all sides must consider the long-term fallout from their actions, writes Joschka Fischer for Project... read on
  • August 29, 2012

    August 29, 2012 | 2:13 am ‎In-depth‎ Israel, Iran, and the Military Option Richard N. Haass of the Council on Foreign Relations discusses Mideast politics, and how he takes the Israelis at face value when... read on
  • Prof. Jones’ ‘tear down this wall’ debate

    August 28, 2012 | 8:32 am An associate professor of geography at the University of Hawaii has written a book ‎called “Border Walls: Security and the War on Terror in the United States, India and ‎Israel.” I... read on
  • August 28, 2012

    August 28, 2012 | 3:50 am In-depth‎ New Egypt leader steps out on world stage seeking “balance” In his first interview to the international media since his election, Mohammed Morsi tells Samia Nakhoul and... read on
  • August 27, 2012

    August 27, 2012 | 12:19 am ‎In-depth‎ Azerbaijan and Iran: Mutual Hostility but Limited Rivalry Tensions between Baku and Tehran could adversely impact on Israel’s relationship with Azerbaijan, write Gallia... read on
  • August 26, 2012

    August 26, 2012 | 2:15 am ‎In-depth‎ Where Will Morsi’s Embrace of Ahmadinejad Lead? Writing in Algemeiner, Dore Gold warns that any renewed warmth between Cairo and Tehran could endanger Egypt’s ties in... read on
  • What should Jews do about the circumcision crisis?‎

    August 24, 2012 | 11:31 am My two smart and well-informed colleagues, Dr. Rabbi Dov Maimon and Nadia ‎Ellis (of JPPI fame), just published a new report on the so-called Circumcision ‎Crisis. That is, the... read on
  • August 24, 2012

    August 24, 2012 | 5:18 am ‎In-depth‎ The Shameful Silence of Sheldon Adelson’s Myriad Beneficiaries Dovid Efune of Algemeiner asks why none of the hundreds of beneficiaries of Sheldon Adelson’s largesse... read on
  • August 23, 2012

    August 23, 2012 | 3:02 am ‎In-depth‎ US-Israeli Relationship Should Transcend Partisan Politics Writing in the Daily Beast, former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni makes an impassioned plea to American... read on

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