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  • October 23, 2013

    October 23, 2013 | 3:58 am The US Headline: U.S. quietly releasing $1.6B in Pakistan assistance To Read: George Friedman examines the relevance of Thomas Jefferson's foreign policy principles to today's... read on
  • $1 Million for Bloomberg- is That a Good Idea? (And Other Comments)

    October 22, 2013 | 7:59 am 1. I can easily explain why Michael Bloomberg is an excellent candidate for the first so-called Jewish Nobel prize. And indeed, yesterday he was announced as "the first recipient of... read on
  • October, 22, 2013

    October 22, 2013 | 3:59 am The US Headline: Drone strikes killing more civilians than U.S. admits, human rights groups say To Read: Fred Hiatt tries to understand the deep change in President Obama's... read on
  • If the new Kotel Plaza remains empty, don’t come asking for more

    October 21, 2013 | 8:06 am In December of 2012, just ten months ago - but ten months which seem almost like an eternity - I wrote about “the four options” from which “Women of the Wall and their supporters”... read on
  • October 21, 2013

    October 21, 2013 | 4:00 am The US Headline: Israel to get US briefing on Iran nuclear talks To Read: Joel Rubin thinks that talks with Iran are an opportunity for Congress to shine- By pursuing a deal,... read on
  • Swedish Jew Says No to Assimilation, Immigration– and is Seeking Religious Asylum

    October 20, 2013 | 7:36 am Annika Hernroth-Rothstein is a political advisor, writer, and activist in support of Israel. She is from Sweden, and is working to promote “a strong traditional Jewish community" in... read on
  • October 20, 2013

    October 20, 2013 | 4:10 am The US Headline: Senior officer, NCIS agent are among those arrested in Navy bribery scandal To Read: RAND’S Linda Robinson sees partnerships with local forces in hostile countries... read on
  • Rosner’s Torah-Talk: Parashat Vayera with Rabbi Talia Avnon-Benveniste

    October 18, 2013 | 6:39 am Our special guest this week is Rabbi Talia Avnon-Benveniste, Director of the International School for Jewish Peoplehood Studies (ISJPS) at Beit Hatfutsot-The Museum of the Jewish... read on
  • October 18, 2013

    October 18, 2013 | 4:06 am The US Headline: White House Weighs Easing Iran Sanctions’ Bite With Slow Release of Assets To Read: Brookings'  F.Gregory Gause believes that the recent disputes between the US... read on
  • An Updated House Jewish Projection

    October 17, 2013 | 7:44 am A little more than a year before the 2014 election, we decided it's time to revamp our House Jewish projection page. For those of you who aren't familiar with the format: this page is... read on
  • House Jewish Projection

    October 17, 2013 | 6:26 am Latest update: November, 5 The 2014 elections are now behind us, and our projection of 19 seats turned out to be correct. Schneider, Carr, and Romanoff lost their races; Zeldin won... read on
  • October 17, 2013

    October 17, 2013 | 3:49 am The US Headline: Obama signs bill to raise debt limit, reopen government To Read: According to Michael O'Hanlon and Jeremy Shapiro, the US under Obama is by no means retreating... read on
  • Iran Talks: What Should You Do When You Trust No One?

    October 16, 2013 | 8:06 am This morning on the radio, minister Silvan Shalom – formerly Israel's Foreign Minister – said something almost funny: if there will be an agreement between the international community... read on
  • October 16, 2013

    October 16, 2013 | 3:59 am The US Headline: Any U.S. sanctions relief on Iran likely to start slowly To Read: Former US Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian views the US' intense diplomatic efforts on the... read on
  • The Jewish Resistance Exchange, Part 2: On Old Myths About Jews & New Myths About Israel

    October 15, 2013 | 7:37 am Benjamin Ginsberg is the David Bernstein Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Hopkins Center for Advanced Governmental Studies in Washington, DC.  His research interests... read on

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