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The Israel Factor 10.2012, Questionnaire

by Shmuel Rosner

October 29, 2012 | 10:42 am

As we near the end of the Obama-Romney campaign, please rank the supposed policies of the two prospective administrations on the following Israel-related matters from 1 (policies totally disadvantageous to Israel) to 10 (policies totally advantageous to Israel):

Topic / policy



Policy toward Iran



Policy toward Syria



Policy on Arab Spring



Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process



Relations with Israel



Policy toward Egypt




On a scale of 1 (poor candidate) to 10 (great candidate), please rank the following candidates for secretary of state in the next Obama (O) or Romney (R) administration:

Tom Donilon (O)


John Kerry (O)


Ambassador Susan Rice (O)


Ambassador William Burns (O)


Robert Zoellick (R)


Joe Lieberman (R)


David Petraeus (R)


Rob Portman (R)


Jon Huntsman (R)



Looking ahead for 2012, please rank the following presidential candidates on scale of 1 (bad for Israel) to 10 (good for Israel):

Barack Obama


Mitt Romney


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