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The Israel Factor 01.2013, Questionnaire

by Shmuel Rosner

January 24, 2013 | 6:18 am

1. Many recent polls have proved time and again that Democratic voters support Israel in much smaller percentages than Republican voters (one such poll can be found here ). Please look at the following possible reasons for this "Israel gap" and rank from 1 (not a factor) to 10 (a great factor) the reasons you think contribute to this gap:





Israel's policies are more in line with Republican ideals


Evangelical support among Republicans makes the difference


Jewish activists don't make the case for Israel among Democrats as strongly as they once did


Israel shows preference for Republican candidates and Democratic voters don't like it


Democratic voters have moved very far to the left on foreign policy – and Israel isn't there


Democratic voters take their cues from the Obama administration, and interpret its relations with Israel in ways unfavorable to Israel


The polls are just wrong, there's no difference in the support for Israel between Dem and Rep voters




2. Rank the following statements (1 – false, 10 – true) all related to the Hagel Defense Secretary appointment:



The pro-Israel lobby foolishly raised hell over an appointment it can't block


Hagel is a good friend of Israel – and there is no reason to oppose his nomination


When Obama appointed Hagel, he was – among other things – sending a message to Netanyahu


The Hagel appointment is proof that the US isn't going to use military force against Iran even if negotiations over Iran's nuclear program fail


Official Israel smartly avoided a public battle over Hagel


Hagel isn't going to be confirmed




3. Looking ahead for 2016, please rank the following presidential candidates on scale of 1 (bad for Israel) to 10 (good for Israel):



Hillary Clinton


Joe Biden


Chris Christie


Marco Rubio


Paul Ryan


Jeb Bush


Rob Portman


Condoleezza Rice


Andrew Cuomo


Martin O'Malley


Deval Patrick


Cory Booker


Elizabeth Warren


Mark Warner


Brian Schweitzer


Sarah Palin


Rick Santorum


Rand Paul


Mike Huckabee


David Petraeus


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