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Speaking of elections, how’s Bibi doing?

by Shmuel Rosner

October 2, 2012 | 11:53 am

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters)

While Americans are worrying about the November election, Israelis might need to start worrying about their own February one: "If Benjamin Netanyahu is unable to convince members of his coalition to back his budget for the coming year, he will be forced to bring elections currently slated for next October to early next year. The Israeli officials say Netanyahu is expected to make a decision within two weeks". But some believe that a decision was already made and that a new round of elections is imminent.

For Netanyahu, calling such an election is tempting, as our Israel Poll Trends tracker shows. In this updated installment of tracker – an exclusive J Meter feature – the Israeli right-wing bloc is getting stronger, while Netanyahu's rivals' chances of forming a coalition are getting weaker. Prof. Camil Fuchs, the leading Israel pollster and Rosner's Domain poll-cruncher-in-chief, now puts the Likud-Right-Religious bloc at more than 67 mandates (out of 120), and the Center-Left bloc at less than 53 mandates.

Take a look at the new Israel Poll Trends, and make a habit of coming back to visiting it – as this will be the most efficient way of following Israel's political landscape in the election season that is very nearly upon us. 

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