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Netanyahu’s approval: Still sliding

by Shmuel Rosner

August 22, 2012 | 11:02 am

Benjamin Netanyahu in the Knesset (Photo: Reuters)

It has not been a good summer for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It began with something close to euphoria, as the coalition was broadened to include the Kadima Party and reach a near-record 94 ‎mandates. But the coalition did not exactly thrive: Kadima was forced out when agreement on the ‎draft of Haredi men could not be reached – not exactly what the public wanted.

And other ‎issues also started to erode Netanyahu’s previous support. While the social protest movement wasn’t ‎able to accomplish something that even remotely reminiscent to last year’s successes, the ‎government made life harder for itself by imposing necessary but never popular austerity measures ‎on the public. Taxes are going up, services are being cut. The public – already fearful of the ‎consequences of possible armed conflict with Iran – can be forgiven for its lack of confidence. As you ‎can see in our Netanyahu Approval tracker, the result is a continued decline in Netanyahu’s numbers. ‎He is now barely above 30% approval - not long ago he was above 50%.‎

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