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October 12, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

October 12, 2012 | 4:12 am

Gilad Shalit speaks to Channel 10 television, a year after his release from five years of captivity by Hamas. (Photo: Courtesy of Channel 10)


Don’t risk Israel’s security on Obama’s words

Sheldon Adelson lashes out at the president over his policies on Israel, in an opinion piece for JNS.org

Think about Obama’s anti-Israel friends and mentors—radicals like Rashid Khalidi, Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, or the late Edward Said, the virulently anti-Israel professor under whom Obama studied. Has he made anti-Israel promises to them? Is Obama’s campaign rhetoric in support of Israel only creating “space” till after the election? These questions cause genuine worry in Israel.


Is the Glass Half Full for Syria’s Assad?

After more than 18 months, Bashar Assad is still in power, albeit over a decreasing percentage of his country, writes Tony Karon in Time.

Things are hardly looking good for Assad at this point.  His prospects for defeating the rebellion and restoring control over all of Syria appear remote. He governs by naked force and fear of the alternative, and even then, over a shrinking domain. Still, he’s far from beaten, and if anything, the more immediate danger may be that Syria itself is breaking up into warring fiefdoms along the lines seen in neighboring Lebanon from the 1970s until 1992.



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