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April 20, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

April 20, 2012 | 5:18 am

A new unit of the IDF is taking on would-be hackers. (Photo: IDF Spokesperson)

Iran’s Last Chance?‎

Writing for Project Syndicate, former EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana makes the ‎case for pursuing talks with Iran, albeit fraught and perilous ones. ‎

If we want to ensure that Iran never has a nuclear weapon, the only guarantee is to ‎change its desire to possess one. And the best way to do that is still by negotiating, ‎rather than by using force. No one has calculated the consequences of a war. Everyone ‎has good reason to sit down and talk.‎

Nasrallah, Assange and injustice in Syria

Michael Young of the Daily Star takes Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah to task for his ‎hypocrisy in siding with Syrian President Bashar Assad against those seeking to bring ‎down his regime. ‎

By Nasrallah’s logic, domestic repression is tolerable if an Arab state upholds the proper kinds of ‎struggles regionally – against Israel and the United States. For the Hezbollah leader, injustice, ‎therefore, is a relative term, one tied to his party’s interests. This disqualifies Nasrallah from ‎passing moral judgment on a variety of developments in the Middle East.

Take Responsibility

Zionism should not involve a blanket acceptance for Jews, but rather an active accountability for one’s ‎own values, writes Yehudah Mirksy in the Daily Beast. ‎

Being a Zionist in the diaspora means not only supporting the project of Israel, but also ‎accepting responsibility for being a Diaspora Jew, and trying not to live vicarious ‎Jewishness, as so many do, via Israel. There is, to be sure, something wonderful about ‎the Jewish outsider-ness, the irony and the moralism. But in the end it can be a dodge, ‎certainly in America. ‎

Egypt: Pity the Winner

Writing in the National Review, Elliott Abrams takes a look at the quagmire of the ‎Egyptian presidential elections, and the gargantuan task awaiting the victor.

Pity the poor guy who wins, for he will be president of an Egypt whose ‎economy is simply collapsing. Since Hosni Mubarak left office last year, roughly ‎‎1.5 million additional Egyptians have been born, and the population is now ‎heading toward 90 million. Foreign-exchange reserves are falling, the Egyptian ‎pound is weakening, capital flight has replaced foreign investment, the critical ‎tourism industry is down one-third in visitors, and unemployment is rising.

Meet the ‘Cyber Defenders’‎

Yaakov Katz of the Jerusalem Post goes inside the IDF’s newest line of defense – ‎keeping out hackers trying to infiltrate Israel’s military networks. ‎

Established a year ago, the division made history on Tuesday with the graduation of its ‎first course of “Cyber Defenders,” the term the army has given to this new, revolutionary ‎military role. The 30 soldiers who completed the 15-week course will be dispersed ‎throughout the IDF’s branches where they will prowl computer networks in an effort to ‎prevent and detect infiltrations.

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