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March 6, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

March 6, 2012 | 5:02 am

President Obama address the AIPAC conference, March 4, 2012. (Photo: Reuters)

Obama’s ‘No Containment’ AIPAC Speech Made War With Iran Inevitable

With his speech to AIPAC, Obama has set the US on the path to another Mideast war, writes Michael Tomasky in the Daily Beast.

We are going to war with Iran. Maybe not by November, maybe not even under this president. But just because I added that last phrase, don’t dismiss this lightly. The central fact of this past week, which seems to have escaped everyone’s attention (which itself boggles my mind), is that Barack Obama, in his speech to AIPAC Sunday, as in his interview with Jeff Goldberg before it, all but made war someday inevitable. How? By saying that containment of a nuclear Iran was not an option. Americans need to be clear on the full implications of this statement.


How I would check Iran’s nuclear ambition

Writing in the Washington Post, Mitt Romney outlines his vision for dealing with Iran.

As for Iran in particular, I will take every measure necessary to check the evil regime of the ayatollahs. Until Iran ceases its nuclear-bomb program, I will press for ever-tightening sanctions, acting with other countries if we can but alone if we must. I will speak out on behalf of the cause of democracy in Iran and support Iranian dissidents who are fighting for their freedom. I will make clear that America’s commitment to Israel’s security and survival is absolute. I will demonstrate our commitment to the world by making Jerusalem the destination of my first foreign trip.

Assad is a symbol of decay in the Arab world

The silence of Arab leaders in Israel and the rest of the Middle East make them complicit in the crimes of the Assad regime, writes Salman Masalha in Haaretz.

There are those in our midst, our own Arab flesh and blood, who have long had no conscience. They sit there serenely in the Knesset, both those holding respected government positions and those on the upholstered opposition benches, and decry the injustices of Israeli governance, rightly of course, in every possible forum. Nonetheless they have no shame in holding forth or rushing to appear on Syrian television in service of the interests of the butcher of Damascus.

Are we headed for a bay of pigs in Iran

Writing for CNN, Gary Sick warns of the dangers of sanctions on Iran that do not have an achievable goal.

In Iran there has been a run on the currency, food prices are soaring, and every single person is beginning to experience some form of economic pain. That has been the source of considerable public satisfaction in Washington and elsewhere. It is also reminiscent of the early stages of the Iraqi experience. Add to that the serial murders of civilian scientists, cybertampering with Iran’s centrifuges, flyovers of U.S. drones, and covert assistance to Iranian separatist groups. Forget the euphemisms. What would we think if a nation were doing all of this to us? The benign image of sanctions as graduated pressure has been transformed. In reality, it is war with Iran in all but name.

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