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December 7, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

December 7, 2012 | 12:28 am

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu meeting at the White House, March 2012 (Photo: GPO)


Netanyahu's Christmas Present

Writing in the National Interest, Akiva Eldar examines possible U.S. responses to Israel's announcement of construction in E1. 

The decision to build 3,000 units in area E1 is described as a "punishment" for the UN General Assembly's vote to upgrade Palestine to the status, in the UN view, of a non-member observer state. Israel argues that the unilateral UN move is proof that Mahmoud Abbas, the leader who has extended his hand to negotiations, is a “non-partner.”


The decline and fall of the Muslim Brotherhood

The protests in Egypt reveals the true face of what President Mohammed Morsi's Islamist party has become, writes Hani Shukrallah in Ahram Online

...the Brotherhood and its allies, gradually, yet certainly and swiftly, became no longer able to see themselves as part of, let alone partners in, this very specific, living and vibrant Egyptian nation being reborn, but as an advance battalion of a mythical Islamic Umma, for which post-revolution Egypt is little more than spoils ripe for the picking, its people hapless subjects to be conquered and subjugated. All of which, incidentally, might be described in Gibbons’ terms, as entailing the “loss of civic virtue”.


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