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August 1, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

August 1, 2012 | 2:21 am

Israeli police in Ashkelon remove the remains of a rocket fired from Gaza by Palestinian militants. (Photo: Reuters)


Israel Under Siege

Writing in the Daily Beast, Benny Morris explains why he sees Israel as the most dangerous place in the world for Jews.

But for Israel the “Arab Spring” represents a dramatic, abrupt tightening of the noose. The takeover of the Gaza Strip by Hamas; the ongoing takeover of Egypt by the Brotherhood, traditionally an advocate of Israel’s destruction; the gradual subversion by Islamists of Hashemite control in Jordan; the Hizbullah dominance of Lebanon; and the current overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria all represent a tightening of the siege.

Is Barack Obama Prejudiced Against Arabs?

Noah Pollak of the Weekly Standard draws a line between Romney’s comments about Palestinian culture this weekend and Obama’s 2009 comments on women and education in the Arab world.

The funny thing is, there’s another candidate for president who has also made this point, and in fact made it repeatedly over the past few years. That candidate is the current president, Barack Obama.

Circle of Pro-Israel Writers Rises

Naomi Zeveloff of the Forward takes a look at the young pro-Israel journalists who are making a name for themselves in the mass media - and the organization that supports them.

Shalem [Center] acquired a $100,000 grant from one of its funders, American neoconservative businessman Roger Hertog, and set up a summer training institute for future editors-in-chief. The program launched at the tail end of the second intifada, when tensions around Israel were running high on college campuses. The first interns included young activists like [Tablet senior editor] Bari Weiss, one of several Columbia students who accused Joseph Massad, a professor in the Middle East and Asian Languages and Civilizations department, of anti-Israel bias.

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