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May 25, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

May 25, 2012 | 3:00 am

African refugees stopped by the IDF after crossing into Israel from Egypt. (Photo: Reuters)

The Olympics Can’t Spare a ‎Minute for Munich Massacre

Writing in the Huffington Post, Arsen Ostrovsky chides the International Olympic Committee for its ‎refusal to honor the 11 Israeli Olympians massacred by Palestinian terrorists in 1972.‎

The 2012 Olympics will last seventeen days. That is 408 hours and 24,480 minutes. If the ‎IOC is serious about taking a stand against hatred and terrorism and respecting the memory ‎of the slain Israeli athletes, it must incorporate “just one minute” into the opening ‎ceremony.‎

The Iranian view on how ‎to strike a deal

David Ignatius of the Washington Post talks to former Iranian ‎nuclear negotiator Seyed Hossein Mousavian for a perspective from ‎the other side of the table.

It’s useful to view recent negotiating history through Iranian eyes. Here’s what ‎this optic reveals: In 2005 Khamenei removed his ban on negotiations with ‎America; in 2009 Iran offered to export to the United States its uranium enriched ‎to 20 percent, and it renewed this offer with greater specificity in 2010 and 2011; ‎Iran accepted a Russian proposal last July to suspend further enrichment ‎capacity and accept the International Atomic Energy Agency’s “additional ‎protocol” for intrusive inspection. The Iranians think that they got nothing but ‎more sanctions for these moves.‎

Rabbis Side with Catholics, Urge Obama ‎to Drop Mandate

The demand for employers to provide contraceptive services for workers goes against ‎the religious liberties of Orthodox Jews, writes Howard Slugh in the Weekly Standard. ‎

Perhaps the most readily apparent problem from an Orthodox Jewish perspective is the ‎regulation’s requirement that sterilization procedures be offered by employer-provided ‎health insurance plans. (Jewish law usually prohibits sterilization.) The regulation also ‎mandates that employer-provided plans provide their employees with a drug called Ella. ‎Ella can be taken several days after conception and therefore cannot honestly be called ‎a contraceptive, which by definition prevents conception. It is actually an abortifacient, a ‎drug which causes an abortion.  … In these circumstances the regulation would require ‎an Orthodox Jewish employer to break the law, violate his conscience, or shut down his ‎business. The government should not force this choice upon any American.‎

Israel Can’t Solve Africa’s Problems

While there is no excuse for the racist behavior displayed by protesters in south Tel ‎Aviv, writes Jonathan Tobin in Commentary Magazine, it must be understood that ‎Israel cannot deal with its massive influx of African refugees.‎

The Jewish tradition of caring for the homeless and the stranger has created a large ‎degree of sympathy for the African migrants in Israel. But while it was possible for the ‎country to take in the initial small numbers who found their way there, including those ‎seeking political asylum, now that the rate is up to 1,000 new illegals a month, the ‎situation has gotten out of hand. Israel simply hasn’t the ability to care for or employ that ‎many people who have no ties to the place. ‎

Are We Focusing on the Wrong ‎Nuclear Threat?‎
‎ ‎
Pakistan’s existent nuclear arsenal should be more of an immediate cause for concern than Iran’s dreams of acquiring one, write Victor Asal and ‎Bryan Early in Foreign Policy.  ‎

Today’s myopic focus on Iran, moreover, is distracting many (but clearly not all) from ‎paying closer attention to the serious nuclear threat posed by Pakistan. In Foreign ‎Policy’s Failed States Index, Pakistan is ranked 12th in terms of the risk of state ‎failure and is the only nuclear-armed country labeled in “critical” condition. One ‎recent Nuclear Threat Initiative study noted that the country faces “immense ‎threats, both from insiders who may be corrupt or sympathetic to terrorists and from ‎large-scale attacks by outsiders.” For the United States and its allies, a more sustained ‎focus on Pakistan and its extant nuclear weapons is imperative even as the United States ‎and Israel try to neutralize the Iranian threat while avoiding a war.‎


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