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September 6, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

September 6, 2012 | 12:47 am

Egyptian troops patrolling in Sinai, August 2012. (Photo: Reuters)


Sinai’s Second-String Security

Egypt has long been remiss in asserting its sovereignty in the Sinai Peninsula, a tradition that will not help end the jihadist presence there, writes Barak Barfi for Project Syndicate

Employing CSF troops in the sensitive border region where jihadis have established their strongholds is similarly indicative of Sinai’s insignificance in Egyptian military thought. Created to absorb army rejects who must still complete their mandatory national service, the CSF is a lower-rung security organization in a country whose armed forces are subpar to begin with. Its members are uneducated rural men, some of whom are illiterate. Their most crucial tasks include guarding banks and hotels.


Jews, Immigrate to Israel

The circumsicion ban in Germany is proof enough that there is one place where Jews will not be persecuted for practicing their faith, writes Ron Shoval in Algemeiner

Germany and prohibitions on Jews are symbols that trigger shudders and discomfort in all Jews. A fundamental characteristic of anti-Semitism is the flexibility and creativity of anti-Semitic claims. Anti-Semitism frequently changes its clothes and every generation invents its own excuse for it. Once it was because we were one people (Exodus); or because we were scattered (Book of Esther); or because we were descendants of lepers (Apion); or because we were monotheists (forced conversions); or because we were a special race (Titus); or because we were the offspring of the Devil (Gospel of John); or because we killed Christ (the Catholic Church), and another time because we did not accept Christ (expulsion from Spain). One time we were guilty of being nationalists, another time we were guilty of being cosmopolitan. Once because we were communists and another time because we were capitalists.


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