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October 21, 2012

by Shmuel Rosner

October 21, 2012 | 1:44 am

A car burns following an explosion in Beirut that killed a Lebanese anti-Syria security official, October 19, 2012. (Photo: Reuters)


An Assassination in Beirut

Lee Smith of the Weekly Standards looks at the implications of the killing of Lebanese security chief Wissam al-Hassan, thought to be the work of Syria and its allies.

Hassan was killed not just because of what he had done in the past, but because of what he was likely to do in the future—roll up Syria and Hezbollah terrorism operations, protect Lebanese politicians as well as the Lebanese state, and prevent it from falling into a war like the one that engulfed it from 1975-1990 and killed more than 150,000.


A Middle East Cheat Sheet For Monday's Foreign Policy Debate

Ahead of the final presidential debate, Robert Satloff of the Washington Institute presents 12 questions on the Mideast he hopes the moderator will ask.

U.S. defense officials have stated that the most Israel could do militarily is to delay Iran's march toward a nuclear weapon and, in the process, Israeli action could trigger a catastrophic regional conflict. Do you agree? And in you view, which is more damaging to U.S. interests -- Iran's acquisition of a nuclear weapon or the repercussions of a possible Israeli preventive action to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon?


An Intriguing New Mideast Peace Proposal

Writing for US News, Mort Zuckerman explores a plan promoted by Ehud Barak to withdraw from the West Bank while preserving most of the settlements.

Barak's proposal has the virtue of focusing Israel's concentration on the major settlement blocs while discountenancing further settlements elsewhere, particularly if they are embedded in an overall Palestinian population. The goal is a secular Zionism as a means to democratic statehood.


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