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Israel’s Poll Trend: The right-wing bloc is gaining

by Shmuel Rosner

June 24, 2012 | 11:59 am

Benjamin Netanyahu and Shaul Mofaz (Photo: Reuters)

We have answers for you to these three questions:‎

‎1.‎ How many Israelis would vote for each party if elections were held today?‎

‎2.‎ What coalition could Netanyahu form if elections were held today?‎

‎3.‎ What happens if Netanyahu leaves the Likud Party and form a new, more ‎centrist party (possibly with Defense Minister Barack and Deputy Prime ‎Minister Mofaz)?‎

Prof. Camil Fuchs’ Poll Trend has been updated, and is your best way to follow the ‎complicated politics of Israel. Click here to see who’s gaining, who’s declining, and what Israel’s current political map looks like.

One ‎nugget to kindle your curiosity: For the first time in our tracking of poll trends, the ‎right wing bloc coalition (Likud + right + religious) is larger than the centrist bloc ‎coalition (Likud + centrist parties). ‎

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