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August 23, 2013

by Shmuel Rosner

August 23, 2013 | 4:08 am

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
Photo by Reuters

The US

Headline: Obama Officials Weigh Response to Syria Assault

To Read: John Allen Gay compares President Obama to one of Russian literature's most iconic comedic creations-

The Obama administration’s Egypt policy lately shows shades of Oblomov. It has many grand plans for Egypt’s future, many deeply felt opinions about the regime’s actions, about the Muslim Brotherhood’s responses, about what the Egyptian people deserve and what the American people hope. Scarcely a day passes that the administration doesn’t see the need to inform the public of its views on the situation—and on many days it weighs in more than once, in case anyone forgets over lunch which outrages are deplored and which are merely condemned. Yet all this talk has seen precious little action. A few F-16s the Egyptians can barely use have been delayed; a military exercise has been cancelled. And of course many long phone conversations, the administration assures, have been had.

Quote: “In your country you have a saying: You are innocent until proven guilty. Here we have the opposite. You are guilty until proven innocent. We do not know who you are”, Abdullah, Syrian rebel, one of the captors and torturers of Matthew Schrier, an American photographer who escaped a seven month captivity in Syria.

Number: $40b, the U.S. Air Force plans to pour an additional $36 to $40 billion into its effort to put military and spy satellites in orbit using commercial rocket services.



Headline:  IDF bombs Lebanon target in retaliation for rocket attack

To Read: Zack Gold points out that President Morsi's departure and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood don't necessarily mean good news for Israel-

Since Morsi’s ouster, the Brotherhood has returned to blaming Israel for Egypt’s domestic troubles. It has also specifically criticized Egyptian-Israeli security cooperation in the Sinai -- cooperation that had been ongoing throughout Morsi’s term. Now that it no longer has to worry about governing the country, and without its man overseeing bilateral cooperation, the Brotherhood is free to harp on its favorite foes across the border.

Quote: “It is logical that since you put up a Palestinian flag when we came here that when you come to our parliament, there will be an Israeli flag”, Muhammad Madani, Head of a new Palestinian Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society, promising the Israeli MKs who are planning to attend a Rosh Hashanah toast (hosted by President Abbas) in Palestine a warm welcome.  

Number: $6b, Israel's bilateral trade with India reached reached $6 billion last year.


The Middle East

Headline: U.N. pushes Syria for chemical probe, activists send samples

To Read: Max Fisher examines the change in Egyptian attitudes toward former President Mubarak-

It seems that, to the extent there is any softening of public opinion toward Mubarak, it has more to do with the failures of the two governments that came after him (first the military, then Morsi) than with Mubarak in particular. Still, that’s just how popular opinion can work sometimes. Perhaps a lesson for Morsi is that, if he wants to be freed from wherever the military is currently holding him, he should hope for continued turmoil in the Egyptian economy.

Quote:  “We will not demand in the future to return to Jaffa, Acre or Haifa. Peace with Israel will be final and binding”, PA President Abbas talking about peace with MK's from Israel's Meretz Party.

Number: 1,000,000, there are now over one million child refugees, according to the UN.


The Jewish World

Headline: New Nixon tapes show more anti-Semitism

To Read: A Swedish Jewish mother tells about how her son learned to hide his Judaism in public-

My son was wearing his kippah as we got on the train. He loves his kippah. He is not yet old enough to know the dangers entailed in wearing it, for this is a fact from which I have tried to protect him. But April 26 would change all that.

There was a gentleman sitting in our reserved seat. An Arab, maybe fifty years old, listening to music. Apologizing for the inconvenience, I asked him politely for our seat. He got up, inspected my son, and then leaned over me, saying: You people always take what you want. You need to learn.

Quote:  “Let me say, Henry, it’s gonna be the worst thing that happened to Jews in American history. If they torpedo this summit — and it might go down for other reasons — I’m gonna put the blame on them, and I’m going to do it publicly at 9 o’clock at night before 80 million people”, a nice quote from the new Nixon tapes.

Number: $250,000,  Canadian Jewish organizations are joining the effort to overturn a will that leaves $250,000 in ancient artifacts and investments to an American neo-Nazi group.

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