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July 9, 2013

by Shmuel Rosner

July 9, 2013 | 3:26 am

Speaker of the House John Boehner addresses Congress
in the Capitol in Washington January 3, 2013.
REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The US

Headline:  Exclusive: Congress delaying U.S. aid to Syrian rebels - sources

To Read:  Political scientist Eric Grynaviski takes a look at some evidence from the Nixon era which makes him reconsider the 'Israel Lobby influence' theory-

Now, Nixon and Kissinger were crazy, and often overestimated the political forces set against them, in particular because of Nixon’s anti-Semitism. Although in this case they may have been right to be concerned about pro-Israeli sentiment, and Nixon’s ‘personal’ relationship with Israel was always more complicated than simple accusations of anti-Semitism really allow. But, I think these archival documents pretty clearly provide direct evidence that Nixon and Kissinger were influenced by at least their perception of the Lobby’s influence. And, at least for Nixon and Kissinger, I am unaware (after reading quite a bit about the administration) of another lobby exercising the same inordinate influence.

Quote: “I think it would not be in the best interest of the United States to immediately change our assistance programs to Egypt. We are reviewing our obligations under the law, and we will be consulting with Congress about the way forward”, White House press secretary Jay Carney voicing the White House's decision not to call the coup in Egypt a coup (at least at this point).

Number: $8b, the amount of assistance in loans and investments which Qatar has provided the Morsi government with (putting the US' $1.5b in perspective)



Headline: 'We won't forgive Netanyahu for haredi conscription law'

To Read: TNR's Ben Birenbaum writes about PM Netanyahu's radical change of mind-   

It could be his new coalition. Or maybe it’s his long heart-to-hearts with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. Perhaps it’s the realization, given recent polls and the far-right mutiny in his party, that the current term will likely be his last.

Whatever the case, Benjamin Netanyahu is finally embracing the two-state solution. The shift has been quiet, but its consequences could be monumental.

Quote:  “NSA and Israel co-wrote it”, Edward Snowden telling Der Spiegel that the US and Israel cooperated to create the Stuxnet computer virus that destroyed nuclear centrifuges in Iran.

Number: 8, the number of months in prison one of the teens who attacked an east Jerusalem Palestinian received.


The Middle East

Headline: Car bomb rocks Shia suburb in Beirut

To Read:  According to Bruce Riedel, Saudi Arabia hopes to see a strong autocratic leader in Egypt-

While most of the world is ambivalent about the overthrow of a democratically elected president in Egypt by the Army this week, the Saudi royal family is enthusiastically endorsing the generals’ move. The kingdom hopes the coup marks the beginning of the end of the Arab awakening and a return to stability and autocracy across the Arab world.

Quote: "There has been a lot of criticism from within the base towards the leadership, which has been accused of being inflexible, both before and since the crisis",  Bassam Abu Abdullah, director of the Damascus Centre for Strategic Studies, commenting on the Syrian government's shuffle.

Number: 51, Yesterday's death-toll in Egypt.


The Jewish World

Headline: Former students sue Yeshiva University for $380 million

To Read: History professor Kenneth Sacks tells the story of Ralph Waldo Emerson's trip to London, in which he fell in love with the Jewish people-

Emerson went on to be a great supporter of Jews and Judaism in his country. As a result, he influenced the development of American Reform Judaism, and many Jewish American intellectuals still look to him for inspiration. Part of that important relationship occurred because of his trip to Great Britain where he met British Jews and learned of their struggles for equality.

Quote: “France is not an anti-Semitic country”, Richard Prasquier, the outgoing political chief of French Jewish community, in an interview.

Number: 9,000, the number of athletes who are going to participate in the Maccabiah games, starting next week in Jerusalem.

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