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A Majority in Israel Supports Reform-Conservative Equality

by Shmuel Rosner

June 12, 2013 | 6:56 am

A young man demonstrating for equal rights for Reform
and Conservative Jews, Jerusalem, 2009
Photo By Reuters

Two house cleaning items:



Last week I wrote an article for the IHT-NYT about separation between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs at the Superland amusement park:

Was it really racism that motivated the park’s management? Did it set aside dates for Arabs as well as for Jews, as it claims, and were those allocated fairly? What if it was just trying to prevent trouble, as its management claims? On days when Superland is open to all, Jews and Arabs, children and not, about 50 percent of visitors are Arab. Jews and Arabs often go to parks and other public places without much problem. But on days designated for schools, the mix can be a recipe for trouble.

You can read the article in full right here.



In my post about the number of Reform and conservative Israelis there were many interesting numbers from the IDI survey – first published here. 7.1% of Israelis define themselves as Reform or Conservative, as you can see here.

There were some other significant numbers in the survey that I didn’t mention the other day.

51% of Jewish Israelis would like to see equality between the “streams” – that is, the Reform and Conservative getting the same benefits and rights as the Orthodox. 41% would oppose such a move. Obviously, the more Orthodox an Israeli is, the less likely he is to support equal treatment, but 27% of the self-defined Orthodox still support it. 17% of Haredis would support equality, 31% of “religious” people support it, 53% of “traditional” and 78% of secular people support equality. Interestingly, the younger an Israeli is the less likely he is to support equality. Old Israelis are less religious and more liberal, younger Israelis are more traditional – that’s Israel’s demographic reality.

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