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When You Aren’t Feeling Inspired

by Arielle Adelman

May 23, 2013 | 2:04 pm

Photo credit: Kali McCabe

Lack of focus, laziness, brain farts, blank minds, spacing out, stumped….all euphemisms for not feeling inspired.

Wondering what creates this unpleasant feeling? It’s you. Common thoughts of the uninspired mind: When will it be over? Why can’t I think right? What is wrong with me? Your self judgement and anxiety create more feelings of negativity and stress, prolonging the uninspired moment.

This can be a depressing, anxiety producing, and helpless feeling. If you allow it.

Or you can chose to accept that your inner self is asking for: a rest, a siesta, a little space.  Accepting this truth does not mean that inspiration will never strike again; it simply means that you need to go about your day but shift your focus on something else for the time being, until you can get the mojo back. Trying to force it on yourself will only prolong the torture of feeling “out of sorts.”

If you treat these moments as a vacation from what is normal (ok sorry, maybe without the beach and Mai Tai), you take the pressure off yourself and can submerge yourself in something new.  Maybe you spend your time going on a walk, browsing a magazine you wouldn’t normally read, cooking something new, reading a book, or helping someone out.

Do something other than wallow in your less-than-desirable-state, to mindfully engage your senses. I promise that if you witness your thoughts, forgive them, then all the sudden, a little time passes, and a picture in that magazine, or the story of the person you helped out, or the new flavors in the dish you cooked sparks an inspiring thought which sparks another, which sparks another….and all of a sudden you are feeling like you again.

I knew it was in you the whole time.



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