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The Chicken Dance and Moving Stuck Energy

by Arielle Adelman

October 7, 2013 | 10:19 pm

Today I, along with hundreds of physicians, nurses, and therapists, danced for 6 minutes like chickens while breathing in and out through our noses with our eyes closed, followed by a free form dance.  Dr. James Gordon (the founder of the Center for Mind Body Medicine) claims this is an ancient practice that he was prescribed to do for 40 minutes everyday for 6 months. Lordy.)  It is not everyday that you see a room full of serious, academics cluck around around like school children.  Not that I peaked, or anything.

I speak of this form of meditation with humor, but the truth is that in the group discussion that followed, I discovered the thoughtful healing and self care that this practice generates.  For many people, not only did physical pain arise, but a myriad emotions, as well.  It is interesting to consider the exact place in the body the pain and correlating emotion surface.  The best thing is, all you have to do is observe this.  No need to judge.  This mind body practice simply allows stuck energy to be moved.

While this form of meditation was somewhat painful in the beginning, many of us experienced a tipping point where the body took over, and the movement was no longer a struggle.  I found this particular mind body exercise parallels my experience during transition periods in my life; the beginning is so hard and I want to quit, but if I keep doing the work and stick with it, there is a tipping point where I receive a rush of satisfaction, flow and ease.   I'm guessing you can relate to this, too.

So go ahead.  Put on some music. Close your eyes. Hold your arms like you would for the chicken dance. Start breathing in and out of your nose. Don't be afraid to move, and feel what happens.

To learn more about the Center for Mind Body Medicine, click here.

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