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Dealing With the Cards You Are Dealt

by Arielle Adelman

November 17, 2013 | 8:30 pm

Now that I’ve worked with people in almost every age group, socio economic group, gender, right brain, left brain, ethnicities, actors, teachers, professionals, students, (the list goes on), I have come to realize that regardless of where or who you are in life, you have stress.  An abundance of it.    Some people are more advanced in knowing how to manage it, and everyone seems to benefit from learning how to relax without having to rely on a bartender or a pack of cigarettes.

How is stress manifesting in your life? Are you constantly tense, overeating, under eating, fighting with your significant other, short tempered, rageful on the road, avoiding the gym, losing hair, always sick, unable to connect with people, depressed, or emotionally and physically drained, feeling like the cards are stacked against you?  Whatever your answer is, you are totally normal.  And you don’t have to live this way.

We all have stress triggers and most likely you will have something throughout your life that is a catalyst for stress. The key point is learning how to deal with the cards that you are dealt.  I don’t care if it’s a financial issue, a physical issue, a social issue, a parental issue, or a relationship issue, there is always a softer, more positive lens to view your given situation that can help you reduce the negative effects of stress. You can start exercising your choice of lenses, right now.

Regardless of whether your stress is moderate or severe, learning how to live better is the same process.  It starts with creating space for yourself to hear your own inner wisdom; to allow your feelings to pass through without judgement; to create a mind body connection so that you can anchor into this moment and not worry about the future.  If you haven’t tried meditation, journaling, coaching, yoga, guided imagery, or breath work it may sound crazy that  simple and inexpensive techniques can create such a shift.  It’s as if the dealer knew what cards you needed the whole time.  The only prerequisite is that you have to be willing.

Getting yourself into a place of relaxation, even if just for a brief period of your day, gives way to possibility to either make logical changes in your life to change your stressful situation, or supports a new and positive mindset that can create a positive domino effect in your life.



If you are ready to make actionable change in your life, bring mindfulness to your stress, and find relief without needing to rely on anyone or anything, contact me for a free life & wellness coaching consultation.  Info@relishlifela.com

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