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Celebrating the Small Things

by Arielle Adelman

September 23, 2013 | 5:06 pm

Today, a new edition of the African American women’s magazine, Heart & Soul was delivered to its one million subsrcibers.  You may be wondering, why is this important to a Beverly Hills Jewish white girl?

Reference the article “Quiet Time” on page 12 (shown in picture). Notice anything?

I’m published!!

Yes, it’s small. Yes, this is my first introduction to this publication.  No, I have no idea where you can buy this magazine.  And yes, I am celebrating!!

As an entrepreneur, I am learning the importance of celebrating the small, and even smaller successes.  Appreciating the tiny things allows me to access a feeling of being in the flow of success and abundance.   Why shouldn’t I celebrate an email inquiry from a stranger, a new record number of page views, or a brief but published article?

Regardless of whether you are established in your business, just starting out, retired, or work for someone else, celebration of the little things in life is essential to creating feelings of gratitude, happiness, and ultimately recognizing your wholeness, or the fact that you are exactly where you need to be exactly as you are.

How can you celebrate today? Give your significant other a hug for no reason (because you are celebrating this person in your life).  Treat yourself to a bubble bath (because you are celebrating your contribution to the world today). Splurge on a hot pair of jeans (because you are celebrating your healthy body that has taken you this far).

How am I going to celebrate? Maybe a dance party. Or maybe just by sharing my excitement with you.


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