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  • Pope Francis to visit Rome synagogue for first time


    2 weeks ago

    Pope Francis will make his first pontifical visit to Rome's Great Synagogue next year, the Vatican and the city's Jewish community said in statements on Tuesday.

    Francis, who had a good relationship with the Jewish community in his native Argentina, will go to the synagogue on the bank of the Tiber River on Jan. 17 for the first time since he was elected pope in 2013.

    He will be the third Roman Catholic pontiff to visit the seat of Rome's Jews after his predecessor Benedict and John Paul II.

  • Pope Francis to visit Rome’s main synagogue


    2 weeks ago

    Pope Francis will visit the main synagogue of Rome, the city’s Jewish community announced.

    The visit is scheduled for Jan. 17, according to the Tuesday morning announcement.

    It will be the third time that a sitting pope will visit the synagogue: Pope John Paul II came in 1986 and Pope Benedict the XVI in 2010.

    During his visit, Francis will meet with national and local Jewish leaders.

  • White House seeks menorahs with stories for this year’s Chanukah party


    2 weeks ago

    The White House is looking for menorahs with unique stories for its Hanukkah celebration this year.

    Matt Nosanchuk, the White House liaison to the...

  • More than four decades on, Jewish dialogue with Orthodox Christians still fragile

    by Gavin Rabinowitz, JTA

    2 weeks ago

    For two days, 38 leading Jewish and Orthodox Christian clerics and scholars sat in a hotel outside the Greek capital for a rare dialogue on...

  • Torah portion: Somebody else’s dream

    by Rabbi Lisa Edwards

    2 weeks ago

    I had the pleasure last week of a reunion with an old friend. Through a leisurely evening of reminiscing, we recalled the moments of profound influence...

  • A view from the women’s section on Orthodox spiritual leadership

    by Julie Gruenbaum Fax

    3 weeks ago

    I have a vivid memory of sitting in my yeshiva high school principal’s office, imploring him to start teaching the girls Mishnah and Gemara, to offer a...

  • Can Open Orthodoxy help revive Judaism?

    by David Suissa

    3 weeks ago

    There are two ways to look at the controversy raging in the Orthodox world right now over a fledgling movement that calls itself “Open Orthodoxy.” One...

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