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  • How your Seder should conclude

    by Rabbi David Woznica

    2 weeks ago

    Passover is the beginning….

    Do you know the concluding words in the Passover Haggadah?  In many ways, they are more important than the beginning...

  • Redemption: The good, the bad and the ugly

    by Rabbi Dara Frimmer

    2 weeks ago

    It should have been that our ancestors’ redemption from slavery meant they were finally free. That was what they had cried out for, after all: freedom...

  • Exodus, my very own experience

    by Joseph Samuels

    2 weeks ago

    On Passover eve, seder night, Jews from all over the world gather at their homes with family and friends to recite the story of the Exodus. For...

  • A sampling of this year’s haggadot

    by David A.M. Wilensky, JTA

    2 weeks ago

    Every year, a sea of a new haggadot vies for our attention, money and a seat at our seder table. In the hope of helping you sort through this year’s...

  • At seder, don’t bite the hand that serves

    by Rabbi David Wolpe

    2 weeks ago

    At your seder, you just might be the Egyptian.

    Consider what it means to be an Israelite and an Egyptian in the Passover story. The Israelites have no...

  • Bringing new questions to the seder table

    by Rabbi Michael Gotlieb

    2 weeks ago

    With Passover upon us, an almost universal association with the biblically based holiday is the reciting of the four questions, commonly chanted by the...

  • Pharoah said ‘no.’ You won’t believe what God did next.

    by Marty Kaplan

    2 weeks ago

    Once, at our seder, our friend Ira gave a running commentary on the haggadah, offering a scientific explanation for every miracle and wonder in the...

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