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Top 10 Jews with capes

by Jay Firestone

January 9, 2011 | 11:47 pm

With all the hype over NBC’s newest midseason replacement, The Cape, I started thinking if I know anyone who wears a cape.  I don’t (thank god).  But here’s a list of Jews who do.

1) Larry David

Who doesn’t remember Frank Costanza’s cape-wearing attorney? (Season 6, Ep. 4)

2) Superman

While he’s technically not Jewish, Superman exhibits many Jewish qualities (he’s and outsider, he’s committed to justice, he wears glasses).  Not to mention his parents, or rather, creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster were both Jewish.

3) Harry Potter

That’s not a wand in Daniel Radcliffe‘s hand, it’s a yad.

4) Maimonides

Tell me this guy didn’t wear a cape…

5) Dracula

He’s an Eastern-European immigrant, his day begins at night, doesn’t like crosses and always wears black.

6) Capers

They’re amazing on a bagel and lox with a side of herring and chopped liver.

7) Moses

So it was really a cloak, but whatever.

8) Chabad of Cape Cod

Donate here.

9) Magneto

This Marvel Comics supervillian, Erik Lehnsherr, clings to his Jewish roots and constant fear of suppression.

10) Every Jew on Shabbat

Cape, tallis - same thing…

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