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Curb Your Enthusiasm Review: October 24, 2009

by  Eddy Friedfeld

October 26, 2009 | 2:03 am

This week’s masterful episode begins with the sound of Larry urinating, which sounds like a waterfall.

The chemistry between Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David is palpable:

“What do you have Seabiscuit in there with you” Jerry asks, as Larry walks out of the bathroom in his office.

“I’m taking new medication.”

Jerry proposes Lisa Kudrow after Meg Ryan has scheduling conflicts.

“You want an unknown for this,” the sneak Larry says, still trying to get ex-wife Cheryl back into the show and his life, “that happened to Cheryl in real life.”

“What’s real got to do with what we do? You think Nixon could’ve been Nixon in Frost Nixon?”

The two pals and colleagues whisper over how to deal with their new assistant, Maureen, who bares her midriff, showing with a flabby stomach.  They would fire her, but Elaine got her the job. 

“I can’t do that- I don’t want to,” Jerry says, “this doesn’t call for eloquence- it calls call for charm.”

The conversation with Maureen does not go well.  “You can take a break in the flaunt,” Larry tells her.  The upset Maureen quit, refusing to go on anymore vitamin runs for Larry or buy his socks.

Jerry and Larry debate honking an irate driver, as they take one on.  They then debate Larry’s excessive use of napkins at lunch: “How many napkins does a person need to get through a sandwich- you should bring a bath towel.”

Richard Lewis joins them for lunch, and then leaves while the two decide which one moves in closer to share the booth.

Cheryl runs into Jerry and thanks him for already having given her the part.

“Jerry was strange,” she tells Larry, “I thought I had the part.

“It’s like winning an election but waiting to get sworn in. The audition is the election.”

Elaine berates Jerry and Larry for firing Maureen:

“You can’t go up to a woman and tell her that her shirt is distracting, that’s the style.”

“We don’t live in your fancy LA young crowd,” Jerry tells her.

“Larry lives in Los Angeles.”

“He lives in his own mind, he doesn’t know anything about it.”

Larry apologizes to Maureen.  Her mother drops the groceries when she walks in, declaring him the spitting image of her late husband. 

Flashback to 1962, the lookalike Larry drives with his new bride and takes on an irate driver who assaults him with a tire iron (coincidentally, the lookalike also refers to bad drivers as “Schmohawks.”)

“They kill you for honking, they don’t kill you for shushing,”

His racehorse-like stream splashes the picture of Jesus near the toilet which causes a tearing Jesus, prompting a religious epiphany.

“Have you ever witnessed a miracle?” Maureen asks.

“I think every erection is a miracle,” Larry says.

The rest of the hysterical episode, includes Maureen’s stomach literally saves Larry’s life.

“Maybe tomorrow we can dress up as Kaufman and Hart,” Larry tells Jerry.  And while the reference is funny, it’s also intriguing- watching these two geniuses at work does harken back to the legend of the Broadway masters.  This was a brilliant and hysterical installment.  I keep thinking of the roles Larry and Jerry could play in a future series.  I see the two of them as detectives, both eccentric, who banter endlessly while occasionally solving crimes.

See you next week.

Eddy Friedfeld is a film and entertainment journalist and the co-author of “Caesar’s Hours” with Sid Caesar and teaches the history of comedy in America at Yale and NYU.

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