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Curb Your Enthusiasm Review: November 8, 2009

by  Eddy Friedfeld

November 9, 2009 | 1:45 am

This week’s entry of Curb is a weak entry at best.  When Susie finds a pair of panties in the glove compartment, the philandering Jeff scrambles.  “I told her that they were yours,” he tells Larry.  “That you like wearing women’s panties.”

“Oy, Ve’is Meir,” Larry replies.

“It’s my best one ever,” Jeff says.

Meanwhile, while trying on pants in Banana Republic, there is a fire alarm and the building is evacuated.  Larry leaves his own pants in the dressing room.  He is told there is a two hour wait by an “Officer Krupke,” who does not know the character in West Side Story, even after Larry sings a few bars.  Larry does not want to wait for two hours to get his pants back and leaves with the pants he tried on, which were still tagged.

Back at Jeff’s house, Larry leaves Susie and Virginia Sloane (Elizabeth Shue) and her husband (John Schneider) for a walk because “I find “how we met stories” clawing and annoying.” He is urged to take a walk around the block till the story is over.”

Larry buys the worst lemonade he’s ever tasted from a kid’s stand and his altercation results in a rebuking and threat from their mother (Carol Leifer).

Virginia is auditioning for the part of George’s ex-wife in the Seinfeld reunion and nails the audition. Cheryl’s audition painfully relives the experience that precipitated their divorce.

“We’ll talk later- it’s a formality, right? Cheryl whispers to Larry.

“You should be glad that there’s no chance of you and Cheryl getting involved again,” Jerry tells Larry.

Still wearing the tagged pants, Larry returns to Banana Republic, to find (of course) that his pants are gone.  “How could I pay for the pants if you lost my pants?”

“They’re not lost, they’re gone,” the salesperson tells him.

The inevitable Susie Green inquisition about the underwear begins.  “I’m trying to play slight transvestite,” Larry tells Jeff.

“You’re Larry David and you like the comfort of women’s panties!” Jeff instructs him.

Other than the fun cameos, this episode was pareve, neither fish nor fowl comedically, formulaic and uninspired, even with Krupke returning and making Larry remove the tagged pants, revealing red panties.  Neither particularly controversial nor especially funny:  I look forward to next week with the reunion of the Seinfeld cast.  Larry and company are at the free-throw line:  With two episodes left, they have two chances to sink two buckets.  Hopefully with no net.

See you next week.

Eddy Friedfeld is a film and entertainment journalist and the co-author of “Caesar’s Hours” with Sid Caesar and teaches the history of comedy in America at Yale and NYU.

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