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Poem: Josephs, In a Time of No Peace

by Susan Terris

2 days ago

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A gnarl of streets
and Purim boys — my sons with striped towels
for their many-colored coats — roam them
until a rock, a boom, debris.

Then a rain of flesh on a door in a city

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  • Confronting Israel in poetry

    By Avishay Artsy

    1 week ago

    Journalists who cover the Israel-Palestine situation understand the difficulty of finding words that don’t bring with them the burden of history and politics. Words such as “occupation,” “settlement,” “terrorist” and “separation barrier” are loaded with meaning and can obfuscate...

  • Poem: Where I Live Now

    by Charlotte Mandel

    1 week ago

    Tall Janet’s cane sounds a jangle of keys

    Melvin keeps time to a thud as he seizes

    the wooden handle of his, rubber-tipped, sorely

    needed on carpet or linoleum floor.

    A third leg evolves for many here.

    Zigzagged by Peter, motorized, who steers

    with childhood memory of...

  • Poem: From the Whirlwind

    by Rabbi Stanley F. Chyet

    3 weeks ago

    From the whirlwind

    a voice answers

    the ill asked question

    and the answer is

    no answer

    a caution

    a rebuke


    an evasion

    for the question

    ill asked

    can the answer be other

    than no answer


    June 2000

    From “The Lord Has a Taste for Clowning,” Skirball...

  • Poem: Funky Fuchsia

    by Lori Levy

    January 29, 2015 | 1:16 pm

    Friday nights at my mother-in-law’s

    I follow the exquisite nails

    of my Armenian sister-in-law from Iran.

    Pale blue sometimes like her mohair sweater,

    or yellow, pushing back a strand of dark hair.

    Burgundy on the white bread she raises

    to her lips at the evening meal;

  • Chana Bloch’s new poems on art, life and the old world

    by Carol V. Davis

    January 9, 2015 | 2:51 pm

    Great anticipation and much pleasure always accompany the release of a new book of poetry by a major poet. This certainly is the case for Chana Bloch's “Swimming in the Rain, New and Selected Poems 1980-2015” (Autumn House Press). The book includes 29 new poems and includes...

  • Poem: Meet Me (Breathless)

    by Hadara Bar-Nadav

    January 7, 2015 | 11:14 am

    on the corner of sky and lamppost. I will look for you so wear your eyes. Wear your face that has slept in curls. I will breathe the tulip scent of your hair and the sidewalk’s soot-lined snow. Don’t forget to bring your delicate feet, those edible toes uncold in your oversized...

  • Poem: Small Antiques

    by Miriam Ulinover, (killed in Auschwitz, 1944)

    December 17, 2014 | 1:37 pm

    Once there were three girls beautiful as gold,

    who bragged about the rare antiques each of them did hold;

    “I have a little head scarf,” one boasted with pride —

    “From my great grandmother, with squares and flowers wide.” 

    “I have a jeweled needle” — the second proudly...

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