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Poem: Jewish Holiday Tattoos

by Susan Terris

21 hours ago

Photo from Shutterstock.com

The blue dove on my wrist — shadow of wing
with an olive branch floating above:

from the last night of Chanukah, when we used... read full article

  • Poet ponders what transpired after photographer’s shutter clicked

    by Darcy Vebber

    22 hours ago

    The 1913 photograph by August Sander on the cover of Adam Kirsch’s third book of poetry, “Emblems of the Passing World: Poems After Photographs by...

  • Poem: Terezin

    by James Ragan

    1 week ago

    With my hair soot red
    as coals above my grandfather’s bones,
    buried near the poems of Desnos,
    I hurried through the Gate of Death,
    up the gallows’...

  • Poem: On Her Deathbed, Bessie Beckoned My Mother Close

    by Patty Seyburn

    2 weeks ago

    Once, a pocket was not attached to a woman’s clothing,
    but tied around
    her waist with a string or tape.

    It would contain cellar keys, a paper of pins, a packet of seeds, a baby’s bib,
    a hank of yarn or a Testament.

    Or enough money to be buried,
    so she would not burden her family.

    Published in "5AM," Spring 2006

    Patty Seyburn has published four books of poems. Her most recent is “Perfecta” (What Books Press, 2014). She is an associate professor at CSU Long Beach.

  • Poem: Limen

    by Jehanne Dubrow

    3 weeks ago

    I think of my mother’s family, circa 1936 — folding Warsaw and Berlin in their steamer trunks, beneath prayer shawls, pictures of the dead. That,...

  • Poem: The Revised Version

    by Chana Bloch

    October 28, 2015 | 12:13 pm

    1:1 God hovered over the welter and waste
          on the face of the deep.

    1:2 His brooding condensed
          in droplets of light
          and conceived...

  • Poem: Jerusalem

    by Eve Grubin

    October 21, 2015 | 2:33 pm

    In the dream I walk with my teacher across a field.
    It is day, the field
    a dying brown.
    Lifted by sudden wind we stand
    in midair, our wool coats...

  • Poem: Ocean Parkway at Night

    by Baruch November

    October 15, 2015 | 10:33 am

    Rabbis feed pastrami to their worries.
    A truck’s horn won’t stop carping.
    Pale kiosk lights refuse death.
    Houses choke together
    without lawns....

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