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“500 Dates” Book Signing, Live Music & Dating Debate

“A Film Unfinished” Director’s Statement

“A Wall in Palestine” - A Book That Cannot Be Safely Ignored


“Above and Beyond,” the story of miracles

“Ajami” wins top Israel award


“All About That Dress”—A parody

“All in the Family” writer Mickey Ross leaves Yiddish Center $3 million

“All Other Nights” a Passover parody

“America needs a Jewish values voice’’

“An Uncommon Journey to Diversity” Exhibit at the West Valley JCC [VIDEO]

“And Hope and History Rhyme” - Seamus Heaney

“Anne Frank” for Teens

“Arthur Schnitzler—Being Jewish”


“Ayeka? Where are You?” -  A D’var Torah for Parashat Shoftim

“Bar’chu!” (I’m A Jew)—Remix of Cee-Lo Green’s “Forget You”

“Beaufort” advances in Oscar race

“Belle du Jour”—Nice Jewish Girl

“Betrayal,” The Soviet Gulag, and Henry Rollins

“Betrayal,” the Soviet Gulag, and Henry Rollins

“Birdsong” - By a Child in Terezenstadt Concentration Camp

“Blonde Poison”

“Bloodlands” Revisited - Is the Holocaust Something Unique in History?

“Boardwalk Empire’s” Michael Stuhlbarg

“Boom Chicka Boom” and building community with ETTA

“Boom, let’s go to Twitter Board”

“Boycott Israel” Nope: Boycott the Arabs [VIDEO]

“Bright White Paint, Bright New Future”

“But I don’t wanna be an anti-Semite!”


“Chai Lights”

“Chocolate Bar” and genetic disease research

“Crazy Campers” Gan Izzy LA [official music video]

“Crossing the Line 2”

“Crossing the Line 2”

“Curb” star Jeff Garlin spends two days in jail following parking lot confrontation

“Dark Knight” shooter reportedly was camp counselor for Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters in 2008

“Day of Judaism” for Mormons

“Death to Jews” Facebook Campaign Must Be A Wake-Up Call for Us

“Don’t know why I keep doing this”

“Dream” a Reality for Ethiopian Teens


“Ethnic Transvestism”

“Family Goy’s” Jewish secret

“Family Guy”—from banned episode to canceled show?

“Felix and Meira:” A rare portrayal of Chasidim as Human Beings

“Fiddler on the Roof” Christmas Eve sing-along draws nearly 250 people

“Findeth a wife, findeth a great good”

“For Gods Sake My Penis Was Ruined”

“For Zion’s Sake, We Will Not Be Silent” –  Rabbis and Cantors Speak Out

“Foreskin Man” brings anti-Semitic imagery into circumcision fight

“Friday of Fury” in Yemen [VIDEO]

“Fridays” Finally Freed to DVD by Fan Richard Foos

“Friends” co-creator Marta Kaufman closes in on a comeback with big ABC deal

“Girl Power”

“Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s” Steven Berkoff:  ‘in yer face’

“God’s Seal Is Truth” - Thoughts On Our Politics Today

“Great Wealth” and Mega Millions — Rabbi Barry Gelman

“Hallelujah” Music Video

“Harry Potter” Producer David Heyman’s Jewish Connection

“Harry Potter’s” Jason Isaacs on Playing “Racist” Lucius Malfoy

“He Eats Like A Pig!”

“He’s Hip!”

“Heil Hitler” at the heart of London - an open letter to the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

“Helping” the Disabled?

“Here’s NOT Johnny!”

“Hollywood Exiles in Europe” film series at the Hammer Museum

“How much is my sister’s kidney?” *

“I am Jewish”

“I am Jewish” - A Moving Statement of Jewish Identity - by Andrew Lustig

“I Am Jewish” [VIDEO]

“I Am Jewish.”

“I Am So Happy. You Don’t Even Know”

“I four-letter word you!” [VIDEO BELOW]

“I hate you and I hate Samoa:” The beginning of a Great Travel Adventure (video)

“I Have a Dream” + 50 Years

“I Heard a Loud Pop and We Ran Outside”

“I Resist” This Dumb YouTube Video

“I Understand and Share the Sorrow of This Father”

“If I “wore” not a writer….”

“in the late afternoon of the day…the dead still speak.” Jeanette Winterson

“I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”

“I’m a one-issue guy, and my issue is Israel.”

“Jacob and Jack” combines laughs and soul

“Jewish Surnames”  The History of Jewish surnames –  Their Origins, Types, and Etymologies

“Jews Can’t Stop”: Parodying Miley while making a statement

“Keep Facebook out of Political Conflicts,” Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Says

“King Davids” win some, lose most

“King’s” view on Jews fact or smear?

“Klezmer en Buenos Aires”

“Knock Out Addiction”: Tom Arnold boxes Rabbi Mark Borovitz to raise funds for Beit T’Shuvah

“Let Him Rot in Hell”

“Little Traitor” set in 1947 Palestine

“Mad Men” creator honored at Los Angeles City Hall

“Mad Men,” The Jews and Hollywood anti-Semitism

“Mahj”—A cry heard ‘round the world

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