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The Joys of Beginning Again

by Tera Greene

October 24, 2011 | 11:03 pm

Invert Your Subconscious

The Joys of Beginning Again

Before I started again.

I set levels of commitment.

And with a jolt of “we are here for you”,

The Universe started to show up with the

Radical Shifts



That would make all the commitments come true.

As long as I showed up,

With Action and Commited Action,

Actionable Tasks by which to create an Olam, a world, of my Own Choosing.

Every new year we beginning again, again.

Hopefully, spiraling upwards, while deeper looking withinwards,

Where words have meaning on a Subconscious level,

and Manifesting things is tangible.


To begin again, is to once again remind yourself to be Human again.

And create the life you want,

Based on the values you’ve honed since year before last, and the year betwixt,

and the experiences that would have your Warrior Mindset thwarted, but NO!

Never that.

The Joys of Beginning Again.

The Joys of Beginning Again.

This time, for the last time, again.

Beginning the Joys of Again.

In a different mindset, a more clear mindset to attract more abundant joys.

And to finally, finally, never return again. Anagamin.

The end.

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Tera “Nova Jade* Greene is a professional lesbian of color and Jew by Choice.  She is a producer of music and film, a renowned DJ and always finds herself in the midst of...

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