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Thankful For Obama’s Gay [R]Evolution

by Tera Greene

May 10, 2012 | 12:37 am

Forward On.

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Obama thinks LGBTQ people should have marriage rights.

Who knew?  I didn’t!

No seriously, I had no idea. 

I’ve always actually thought that my vote in 2008 had more to do with me supporting a Black person than it had to do with me supporting an LGBTQ ally/advocate. 

Let’s just be honest here.

But, apparently, The POTUS has been evolving on this issue for some time now.  He’s actually gone back to his roots.  Would that mean that the evolution is actually a re-evolution? Or, a revolution?

Or is it a ploy for votes?

I doubt it.  You see, people under 40 and most Americans have recently been polled to be well over 50% in favor of gay marriage.  I could look up the exact numbers, but frankly, we all know that statistics can fail us about 27% of the time.  It is to be noted, though, that if you were to focus just on the Jewish American population vote alone, you have 75% of this demographic in support of gay marriage.  By my calculations, that’s a lot of people, and a lot of power can be attained in the organization of people, especially when it comes to human rights. 

What of the 30 states that have voted-in anti-gay amendments around marriage? For now, I’ll not even go there. I’m trying to get to bed before one am tonight.

I admit I found this “change of heart” a might suspect before I dove into my research. It is important to highlight the facts, though: by some amazing shift in the matrix, the last ten years have really swung open the doors for dialogue around this issue of marriage and the LGBTQ community.  I don’t know if I’d personally go as far as to give all the credit to the show Will & Grace, however, great as it was. (PS: See Daily Show Video below)

Since society has already begun to organize ourselves in support of equality for any partners who want to be wed, the President is seemingly the one following suit on this historic stance, not the other way around. 

November is fast approaching - we are hitting election time heat. But after some due diligence, and election day aside, I think The POTUS genuinely seems to have come to an enlightened stance on marriage like most of his constituents.

Emphasis on most.

Random in speech, consistent in thought?

It seemed like Biden was the one who kicked off everything recently by spilling his personal beans on the subject of gay marriage as seen in the following video…:

(via Hulu - The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Tue, May 8, 2012. First segment)

…but as noted, from 2009, it is clear that Obama Once Supported Same-Sex Marriage ‘Unequivocally’ (via the Huffington Post)

In the 7 min ABC News Interview recap video found at the end of this blog, reporter Robin Roberts also mentions about the consistency and longevity of his thought on this heavily discussed issue as it pertained to the timing of the oral delivery of his sentiments to the public. 

I’m kinda glad Biden may have jumped the gun, though.  It allowed space for the President to speak for himself on this hot topic. And in turn, he’s probably going to get a few unexpected extra votes in autumn.  That’s of course, if people don’t start thinking he’s really begun a full-on offensive against marriage. Because we all know how touchy that subject can be.

Really, people? A war?

FOX thinks another war is breaking out.  Now go and learn.
Some publications tout that he is committing “political suicide”. 

I adore hyperbole as much as the next person; but really, people? A war?  And suicide?

If anything, I think President Obama is creating change.  He is truly delivering a message of hope.

In the segment from May 8, 2012, Stewart said that we were a “long way” from hearing President Barack Obama support gay marriage. But, I dare say that we’ve all been duped somehow. 

Obama, you! Talk about knowing how to not let the cat out of the bag!

Every time I teeter about liking Obama or agreeing with some of the things he has done during his term, he says, “not so fast - increase your faith,” and just like that, he’s won me over again. 

Around this issue, I am truly thankful he has won me over because you see, I, too have evolved. 

I stumbled upon a song I made in 2001 where I declared we should impeach the president.  I was 17 at the time and couldn’t vote, but man was I pissed and the term still had seven more years to go.  My angst was only heightened by the fact that I was debating going into the military… except for the fact that I would have had to deal with DADT.

And now, we are here and I’ve still never personally been married, but I am so wanting to give Obama a hi-5 for his ability to evolve and grow like a human being.  Not to mention, he helped say adios to DADT.  That’s huge.  I’m still that angsty, “expression not repression” type of person, but like Obama, I have come to think and act more humanely over time.  Is that not the goal for us all?

So, “Forward” on, Mr. President!  Now that you’ve evolved from a human being to a candidate to a bonafied President and back to a human being, I hope the next evolution is a second term.  There, I said it.

Watch the 7min Video: Obama tells Robin Roberts in ABC News Exclusive Interview, “I think gay couples should be able to get married.” Click this link to watch the video on youtube.

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Want to tell Obama thank you for his recent evolution? Head over to Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership For Justice’s Call To Action Page by clicking this link.

Exerpt: Today, the president showed himself as a leader who is in step with a majority of Americans, and millions of people of faith all over this country who support the right of gay and lesbian people to marry, including more than 75 percent of American Jews.

Tell President Obama that you, too, support marriage equality.

Tera Greene is an Artivist/Writer/Social Entrepreneur and award-winning DJ. She has blogged with the Jewish Journal Online’s “Oy Gay” blog since 2010. Follow her on twitter @djnovajade.

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