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‘Mo Moments

by Tera Greene

October 5, 2010 | 1:43 pm

A Thanksgiving Day 'Mo Moment 2009

The other day I found myself dancing gayly - I mean, happily/freely -  with fellow blogger, Kalil Cohen,  in celebration of Simchat Torah.  At one point in the night, I broke concentration from my intense jump, jivin’ and wailin’, and thought to myself whilst the Cantor and musicians got into a funky rhythm of Chiri Biri Bim, “Now all we need are disco balls…” 

G-d was either just being silly, or completely listening (and in agreement), because not too long after my thought,  I looked up and there, hanging from the ceiling, were Disco Balls!  I laughed to myself, and totally enjoyed a nice lil’ example of a Homo Moment.

A quintessential ‘Mo Moment, at that.  I couldn’t decide what was gayer, me or the gay - as in, ‘happy/festive’ - dancing and Hakafah‘ing beneath Disco Balls?  Regardless of the fact that the disco balls make total sense because we are, after all, in the 5770s, we all know the secular-calendar ‘70s were super gay, so let’s not fake the funk. 

The next day I began thinking of more ‘Mo Moments in Jewish History and have shared a short list herein.

No particular order, and yes, many have to do with Entertainment; though, let us not forget some of the gems hidden within our Biblical and Mitzvot references:

1) I’m a DJ, I used to dye my hair regularly in shades of red, and may go back to doing so.  This video, with its House music references and G-d cast as a punky-female-House Head-Disc Jockey, is definitely a good ‘Mo Moment, especially when they begin the “House music all night long” chant. Classic.

The Adventures of Todd and God: How to Hang a Mezuzah

2)  Holy ‘Mo Moment, Batman! Joseph and his “multi-colored” coat.  I mean, hello?

3) The late Bernard “Bernie” Schwartz in Some Like It Hot.  Major Landmark ‘Mo Moment. Glad I got to be in his presence when I staffed this year’s 1st ever TCM Film Festival.

4) Any and Every Time the Y.M.C.A. is played at a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and the like.  Now those are ‘Mo Moments of upper echelon status!

5)  Glee’s character, Rachel… OK, she’s not really what I’m going for… The ‘Mo Moment lies in the fact that she is parented by two gay males, one Jewish and one Black.  Nice Modern-Family-style ‘Mo Moment (though, I’ve yet to see these guys show face on my Hulu screen when I watch Glee. Hmmm…)

6)  Harvey Bernard Milk.  His pivotal ‘Mo Moment in LGBTQ/Jewish history spanned years, and still resonates. 

And finally…

7) G-d said be fruitful and multiply.  In droves, more queers are coming out as the years go by, making less closeted lives emerge.  No, life still ain’t easy, especially for so many teens (Jewish and Non-Jewish), but we have to highlight the fact that progress is being made, to the point that more and more visible Homo Moments have been thrust into mainstream society.  Hashem said be fruitful, and thusly, the queers are multiplying! In the words of Billionaire “Monty” Burns, “Excellent.”

In celebration of LGBTQ History Month here in the United States, here’s to experiencing a ton of positive, positively ironic, and otherwise just intentionally - and unintentionally - brilliant, ‘Mo Moments for days and weeks and years to come.  There are so many already etched in time, so many more to fashion from the latest hipster fabric of time, glitter inclusive, of course…

FYI - October 11, 2010 is officially National Coming Out Day.



Tera Greene is pretty much a ‘Mo Moment every step of the way… She has used National Coming Out Day at least once to open doors to her existence. Read more about her here.

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