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It Takes A Chasm to Emerge in the Inner Circle

by Tera Greene

December 23, 2010 | 9:21 pm

Keep Trekkin'.

“It Takes A Chasm to Emerge in the Inner Circle”

2010 started off


With the absence of the ‘r’,
the year unclothed me,
-exposed me -
to the true nature of people,
those with my best intentions,
and those just looking to leverage me
-and my generous energy…
Those opportunists! (even unintentionally)
With trust in relationships that to my Light were dimmers
-oh how 2010 was the year of the Break Up for so many in a permutation of occasions and situations-
Selfish people loomed, and I found myself drained.

Ho hum. Lesson one: People come and go.
The people who call you best friend, will usually just be using words of convenience.
As the truest of best friends become family, by way of words of love and in their actions.
Go figure.

Go: Action!
Lesson two: Don’t take it personally.  Smile! Take control of what you can - yourself. Your life!

So I decided to shed.
I could get back to filling my well to the place it once was,
to rekindle my soul and focus on healing the chasms

dug deep, dug to a swell.

Lesson three: Deep breathing. Taking. It. All. In.

The silence.

There was a heavy swell that was emerging inside of me.
Waves, un-breaking, steadily shapeshifting,
I called in to my Higher Self and said,
“Patching up, dusting off,
back to Intending and Manifesting.”


Lesson four: Now.

If you can think it, it’s already yours.  Else, how would the imagination know to think it in the first place?

Lesson five: Confidence! 

I have met with the Mayor of Sderot and sat with innovators,
Applied to a Fellowship and voila! - wish was granted.
Interpreted the V’ahavta - inspired with My V’ahavta.
Sarah Silverman on my 27th birthday taught me the value of the Treat,
Kalil Cohen and Janelle Eagle, fellow bloggers, that truly this year,

Inspired Upheld Encouraged

and reminded me again
How to Believe.
Opened for Kelis, that chameleon like I.
I Went through 8 weeks of Shedding to Emerge on the other side…
...with original music showcased at the [Inside] the Ford Theatre,
An essay accepted into a Young and Jewish Anthology
out of Spertus University,
and my Individuality accepted into an Intensive Producer’s Program to learn to the depth of my honing.

Ideas unfolding,
Found myself no longer sullied,
but within
Inner Circles of Excellence
being mentored by the Best of the Best.
Surrounded by a Class in an Act of our Own, Healing the World, one Creation after the Next.

2011 already booked through November.
Can’t wait to be Keynote Speaker at that day school in February.
January - DJ of Honor at a Wedding,
Full throttle… Lord, willing:
“Congratulations, kid.  You came out sturdier than ever.”

Today: “Has anyone ever told you you look like Michelle?”

As in, Obama.

I guess I am smiling a lot these days.
I feel so supported, loved. Brand new.

I suppose I can say it was worth the start.
Lessons learned, time will tell, thoughts of joy, focused and clear.

#Happy Phreakin’ New Year!

Thank you for reading my contributions to “Oy Gay” in its inaugural season of posts. 
Mind yourselves, value your time and remain fearless.

Tera Greene*
Synchronistically, as I hit save to post this entry, Britney Spears’ “Stronger” played on my playlist…

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