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FED UP: the movie

by Tera Greene

May 29, 2014 | 11:38 pm

#FEDUPMovie (Out Now!)

#FEDUPMovie: It's time to rethink scary movies. It's time to get real about food.
Sugar's got a hold on me, you, us... Aren't we FED UP yet?


Sugar is an epidemic and it is killing us. Not slowly, but fast. From obesity (and childhood obesity), to diabetes to mood swings, Sugar is on a war path. And the food industry is in cahoots.

I am currently at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). I am an Ambassador for Health and Happiness. And like so many people, I am addicted to Sugar. 

Since starting school in February, and learning about cravings (and how to disect them), I know the best thing for me to do is just not buy sugary sweets and treats and choose sweet vegetables instead (like baked sweet potatotes, for example).  But sometimes life gets in the way and I think, "Oh I can just buy a pack of Oreos", and then 1 MegaStuf, turns to 2, turns to 5, turns to, well dayum, there goes another package, mostly eaten all by myself. *sigh*

I'm almost 5'11 and I have been my ideal weight since I was in my teens. Haven't fluctuated much, but the bold reality is diabetes runs in my family, and I can't afford to fall off the wagon like I am prone to do.


OK, we all have excuses for when we eat sugary treats. "I hardly ever do it", "I can eat whatever I want", "But, it's vegan!"

Now, I'm a vegetarian that eats mostly-vegan, but I gotta say:


I was chatting with someone the other day who asked, "Why is it that Vegan foods have so much sugar? I read the packages and the first or 2nd ingredients are always sugar." It made me think, "Yeah, why is that?"  I mean sure, I love me some "vegan" Skittles (which are Gluten-Free/Gelatin-free, but arguably non-vegan because Mars brand tests on animals), and vegan Oreos snacks, but the bottom line is they are addictive because of all the SUGAR they contain.  And Sugar on the brain effects dopamine.

This happened over the weekend... *sigh*
Oh bother, stuck my hand in the pot o' honey and now it's all gone...



One of the things I love about my education at IIN is that we have these amazing conferences wherein leaders in the Health, Wellness and Nutrition field (and many of them "medical professionals"), come and speak to us in a 2-day extravaganza of mind-blowing educational yumminess. We've had one in March and a recent one a few weeks ago in May, where we were treated to guest lectures by Dr. Oz, Marie Forleo, Dr. Lissa Rankin (of Mind Over Medicine) and Dr. Mark Hyman, to name just a few.

Mark Hyman's lecture was like WOAH. I mean, he really gave it to us.  And he passionately retiterated the necessity of seeing FED UP, which hit theatres May 9, 2014.

Two things that resonated for me in his lecture were: 1) "[FED UP] is about telling the truth," and 2) "Obesity is a Social Justice issue." 

On the one hand, I value Truth, which is why I felt it necessary to come out and say that yes, I am addicted to sugar, especially if I want to be as healthy as I can be in order to affect and help people experience their lives remixed as a holistic DJ/Health Coach.  I mean, I'm not perfect, but hiding truths is definitely not what my clients or the world needs, either.  On the other hand, I am not obese, but being Jewish and being an Artivist (artist/activist) AND an alumni of many young adult Jewish Fellowships, especially the Jeremiah Social Justice Fellowship (and producing a Food Justice Matinee program as the final project I chose in my cohort), means that I can not stand by and not be a part of the solution.  I literally just went to find the link to html link "Jeremiah Social Justice Fellowship" so anyone could read more about it, and up popped a quote from me (and my face):


Jeremiah Fellowship: Bend The Arc

So What does it mean? Well, inevitably, the Universe is screaming loudly: CHANGE MUST START WITH ME.


The first step? I'll be finding a theatre near me to watch FED UP this weekend. I have a free ticket to go see a movie that someone gave me and I've had a hard time finding time to use it (workaholism is a blog topic for another day, though). Ironically, it is a Gold Ticket, which in reference to my one of my favorite 1971 flicks would normaly mean I was on my way to a Chocolate Factory.  Alas, in light of (in serious of?) this film, I'll not even be purchasing theatre candy to view the movie, per usual.

Then, I'll go on the 10-day FED UP (Sugar Free) challenge, hosted by the FED UP team.

Finally, I'll get back to making healthier choices by choosing alternatives for refined sugars by eating sweet vegetables and choosing honey, for example, and NOT purchasing refined sugary sweets for the pantry!

I feel by taking action with these small steps, I'll not only feel better, but I'll fully be walking my talk along the way to my Happiest, Healthiest Self!
Therein, I'll truly be an Ambassador for Health and Happiness.

Are YOU FED UP? Ready to Make a Change?

Here's a freebie for ya: 14 Healthy Snack Recipes



FED UP ~ Official Movie Trailer

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