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Why Hamas is not like ISIS

By Uri Dromi

18 hours ago

From left: An ISIS fighter in Mosul and a Hamas fighter in a tunnel in Gaza. Photos by Reuters

As James Foley is beheaded and rocket attacks resume on Israel:

For years, Israel has been trying to convince the West that it is the first line of defence against radical Islam, and... read full article

  • The silent treatment

    by Dalia Rosenfeld

    21 hours ago

    It was as if we had never gone to Israel at all.

    The Afghani grocer greeted me effusively when I walked into the store I rely on for olive oil, pickles, nuts, and labne whose fat content I stopped feeling guilty about the moment I discovered it was a probiotic.

    He greeted me...

  • BDS is destructive

    by Dahlia Schweitzer

    23 hours ago

    I never intended to write about politics, let alone about religion and politics. I usually write about art, sexuality, dating, identity – the issues that generally preoccupy my brain. But when the war broke out in Gaza, it was impossible for me to stay detached. After all, I was in...

  • Leonard Fein on confronting death

    by Leonard Fein

    2 days ago

    Consolation is on my mind, doubtless because just the other day I addressed a convention of a truly extraordinary organization called Kavod v’Nichum, Honor and Comfort. They’d gathered in Philadelphia, and because I once wrote some words expressing my awe at their devotion and...

  • God created a broken world so we would learn to fix it

    by Simon Klarfeld

    2 days ago

    I have just returned from Israel, where I visited more than 600 teen participants on Young Judaea programs this summer. While there, I was handed a note from Mrs. Warshawsky, one of the elderly neighbors living next door our campus situated in the heart of Baka, Jerusalem. I opened...

  • Missiles over Jerusalem experienced by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

    by Rabbi Abraham Cooper

    3 days ago

    24 hours ago, almost everyone in Cairo, Jerusalem and Ramallah thought they had a deal for a long-time truce in Gaza. Just before midnight on Aug. 20, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean, experienced up close and personal what a promise from Hamas means....

  • Never an excuse for shooting unarmed suspects, former police chief says

    by Joseph D. McNamara, Reuters

    3 days ago

    I was the police chief in Kansas City, Missouri, when an unarmed African-American teenager was shot by a cop for a non-violent issue. The result was a peaceful and constructive public dialogue - the opposite of what is happening now in Ferguson, Missouri, in the aftermath of the...

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