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Foreign fighters in Israel—2014 isn’t 1948

By Tom Tugend

2 hours ago

Palmach volunteers from France in the Negev battle during the 1948 War of Independence, image via PikiWiki

Reading about the mass outpouring of mourners at the funeral for Max Steinberg, the 24-year old Angeleno killed fighting for Israel in Gaza, I was struck by a routine mention toward the... read full article

  • Immunity and Impunity: Fear and Loathing in Gaza

    by Rabbi David Seidenberg

    4 hours ago

    “The terrorists are firing rockets from schools, from mosques, from hospitals, from heavily civilian populations. We have to try and are doing our best to minimize civilian casualties. But we cannot give our attackers immunity or impunity.”– Benyamin Netanyahu, on July 24, 2014

  • We will defend Israel

    by Sherrill Kaye

    1 day ago

    I remember it like yesterday. Blissfully ignorant of the horror that had been unfolding, I happily sent my kids off to school in Los Angeles, California that fateful morning of September 11, 2001. Within the hour, all children returned to the nestled safety of their homes, as we...

  • A prayer for peace

    by Ariel Rose Brenner

    1 day ago

    As an American visiting Jerusalem for a month, the Tuesday night of the first air raid siren in the city was a new experience for me. Rationality told me that I was safe. Under the protection of the Iron Dome, the probability of one of Hamas’ rockets reaching the ground was slim,...

  • Israel and Islamism are both occupying Palestine

    by Qanta Ahmed

    2 days ago

    While Gazans, their Hamas leadership and pro-Palestinian supporters around the world condemn Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, now turning into a ground invasion, it’s time Muslims examined the Other Occupation: the inexorable advance of political Islamism over Islam.

  • The immigration debate: Children at the border

    by Serena Oberstein

    2 days ago

    Earlier this month, when I saw the images from Murrieta of anti-immigration protesters blocking a bus of undocumented women and children, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the story of the MS St. Louis, the boat of Jewish refugees that attempted to reach America in 1939.

    When I...

  • If Norman Lear at 92 is what 92 is, I’ll have what he’s having

    By Marty Kaplan

    2 days ago

    It is not widely known that Norman Lear and I have the same mother.

    Norman once called his mother in Bridgeport, Conn., and said, “Mother, I just got this call. The Television Academy is forming a Hall of Fame. And the first inductees are going to be General Sarnoff and Edward R....

  • An Israeli summer

    by David Ya'ari

    2 days ago

    My children do not understand the complexities nor the myriad issues surrounding Operation “Protective edge,” Israel’s defensive ground response to over 1,500 rockets launched from Hamas during the past two weeks.   But then again at ages 5 and 3, they are not supposed to.   They...

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