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  • In a war against wage theft

    by Danielle Lang

    6 days ago

    “At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it, for he is poor and his life depends on it. …” – Deuteronomy 24:15

  • President Obama vs. the LA Times on anti-Semitism

    by Meyer H. May and Harold Brackman

    6 days ago

    The Obama White House and the opinion page of the Los Angeles Times are usually in sync—but not always.  Take for example the recent conflict between...

  • Wanted: More women in Los Angeles City Hall

    by Bill Boyarsky

    6 days ago

    What Los Angeles City Hall needs is a strong Jewish woman.

    Nothing against the three Jewish men who occupy citywide offices — Mayor Eric Garcetti,...

  • Obama loves the wrong Israel

    by David Suissa

    1 week ago

    Every time I hear President Barack Obama tell us how much he loves Israel, I feel like asking him: Which one?

    Apparently, he’s not too crazy about the...

  • When the persecution comes from within our community

    by Barbra Miner

    1 week ago

    Jewish people are very familiar with the experience of persecution.  It’s a significant part of our history, and it’s part of what defines us as a...

  • A lesson learned

    by Ilsa M. Klein

    1 week ago

    Over recent months, I have had the dubious experience of watching a significant amount of broadcast television. Suffice it to say, some of it was good,...

  • Campus Anti-Semitism at UC and Stanford

    by Aron Hier and Harold Brackman

    1 week ago

    So far as we are concerned, Berkeley’s Golden Bears have already won the Stanford Axe, the trophy in their annual “Big Game” with the Cardinals, despite...

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