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  • Celebrating Judaism and Islam in America

    by Rabbi Burton L. Visotzky and Sayyid Syeed

    3 days ago

    What happens when Jewish and Muslim leaders set their minds to engage in dialogue, and then move beyond dialogue to social action, prayer and friendship? When we first met in February 2008, another question asked in good humor was, “What took so long for us to meet?”

     Six years...

  • So right, yet so wrong: The truth Sheldon Adelson told us

    By Michael Berenbaum

    3 days ago

    The media has covered casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s address to the Israeli-American Council, a recently formed organization of Israelis who live in the United States, many of whom have truthfully become Israeli Americans.

    When asked what to do about the land and what to do...

  • The 1967 explanation of why Jews can’t pray at their holiest site

    by Rabbi Shlomo Brody

    4 days ago

    Why did Israel gain control over the Temple Mount in 1967 and not establish any religious or cultural presence on Judaism's holiest site? 

    Like many conflicts in Israeli society, this intriguing conundrum involves a mix of Jewish legal disputes, politics, and the ongoing...

  • Celebrating the murder of Jews

    By David Suissa

    4 days ago

    What happens when extremism dominates a whole society?

    When I saw thousands of Palestinian civilians celebrating the cold-blooded murder of four rabbis praying in a synagogue, I had to ask myself: Could I ever imagine thousands of Jews celebrating the murder of four Muslim sheiks...

  • All women win as Israel battles breast cancer

    by Eliana Rudee

    5 days ago

    As October Breast Cancer Awareness Month came to an end, the Old City walls in Jerusalem were illuminated with pink lights. But Israel’s promotion of breast cancer awareness is not just for show—Israel continues to be a global leader in breast cancer detection, research, and...

  • The Fear and Awe of Elie Wiesel

    By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

    6 days ago

    When I was a child I discovered the holocaust at about eight. By perhaps ten I remember video images of tractors moving mounds of bodies into mass graves. I started learning about gas chambers and crematoria. I was struck by the monstrous, unspeakable injustice. Why did the world...

  • Palestinian analyst: ‘Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood one in the same’

    by Abdullah H. Erakat, The Media Line

    6 days ago

    This story originally appeared on themedialine.org.

    Despite the formation of a national consensus government, Hamas has not only failed to reconcile with Fatah, but the Islamist group is also beset by an internal rift between a majority who follow the agenda of the Muslim...

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