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The Knesset dissolves, but the battle for religious reform continues

by Elli Wohlgelernter

2 weeks ago

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leaves after a vote to dissolve the Knesset on Dec. 8. Photo by Baz Ratner/Reuters.

When the 19th Knesset was sworn in on March 18, 2013, it marked only the second time in 29 years that a new coalition was formed without any of the Haredi parties. A record 48 new members... read full article

  • My menorah and my Christmas tree

    by Marilyn McLaughlin

    2 weeks ago

    For me as a youngster, Christmas was always something others did.  But I married a non Jew and in our early years together, experienced a great deal of conflict over his desire for a Christmas tree.  For several years, each December, we engaged in the same heated discussion that...

  • Women want to be chosen

    By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

    2 weeks ago

    What women would give to be lusted after today.

    Women are not looking just for love in a marriage. They are primarily looking for lust. A woman wants to be wanted, needs to be needed, desires to be desired. A woman does not go into marriage principally to be loved. She goes into...

  • Ferguson is Yiddish for forget

    by David Benkof

    2 weeks ago

    Judaism frequently demands that we remember. The Torah tells us to remember the Sabbath Day; that we were slaves in Egypt; and that the Amalekites attacked us. Once a year, those who have lost a close relative say Yizkor, the prayer of remembrance. Remembering is one of the three...

  • Ferguson and Eric Garner are symptoms of a deeper problem

    by Suzanne Feinspan, JTA

    2 weeks ago

    I sat down last week to write about what happened in Ferguson. As I began to write, there was no doubt in my mind that there would be a “next time” as soon as we hit the next news cycle, if not sooner.

    Then I heard the news that the New York City police officer responsible for...

  • U.S. - Israel not in crisis, but…

    by Uri Sadot

    2 weeks ago

    The strain in US-Israel ties is one of the key issues in the Israel election campaign – and rightfully so. But if you glance at US media during the last couple of months, you’d think the relations have never been worse. Jeffrey Goldberg’s article in The Atlantic, which announced a...

  • Why Jews still back Obama

    By Rob Eshman

    2 weeks ago

    This entire week, people kept sending me emails with this screaming subject line: “OBAMA MULLING SANCTIONS ON ISRAEL.VERIFICATION ON GOOGLE.” 

    Neither turned out to be true: Obama is not mulling sanctions, and Google doesn’t verify the fact (or any fact, for that matter). In...

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