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  • The politics of fear threatens Israel from without and within

    by Jonathan Jacoby

    1 week ago

    There was something surreal about visiting Israel last week. I had come to learn about Israel’s independent sector, and it was inspiring to see how nonprofits were taking up the task of shaping Israel’s future, regardless of who forms the next government.

    Partisan politics still...

  • The latest anti-shechitah crusade:  A threat to Jewish rites is a threat to Jewish rights

    By Harold Brackman

    1 week ago

    New attempts in the U.K. to outlaw shechitah (ritual slaughter) — and the broader political threat this poses to the Jews — bring to mind a book by Elijah J. Schochet, who has deep roots in the L.A. Jewish community. In his “Animal Life in Jewish Tradition: Attitudes and...

  • Note to Netanyahu: Stop destroying the US-Israel relationship

    by Alan Elsner

    1 week ago

    By now it is clear that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s disastrously-timed speech to Congress has seriously damaged the US-Israel relationship – but the danger is that he has embarked on a course that will make that damage much worse and perhaps permanent.


  • How not to bomb Iran

    By Rob Eshman

    1 week ago

    Oh, to be in Geneva right now, facing the Iranians across a long polished table in a quiet hotel room--  because everywhere else the debates over their nuclear ambitions are raging, and the anxiety, accusations and intrigue are exasperating. Never have so many weighed in on so much...

  • Hagee’s endgame is the endtimes; But what’s Bibi’s?

    by Michael Felsen

    1 week ago

    As the controversy over Prime Minister Netanyahu’s upcoming speech to both houses of Congress continues to swirl unabated, one of the key players in the fight shouldn’t go unnoticed.  It’s televangelist John Hagee, senior pastor of the San Antonio-based Cornerstone megachurch, and...

  • Shaming the murderers

    By David Suissa

    1 week ago

    A religious Muslim who murders an innocent person in the name of the Quran desecrates his own religion. I wish that idea had been the theme of last week’s White House Conference on Violent Extremism. 

    Instead, President Barack Obama went out of his way to take religion out of...

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