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The meaning of Tisha b'Av in trying times

by Rabbi Eliyahu Fink

14 hours ago

“Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem,” by Francesco Hayez

This is not the first time war has ravaged the small slip of land that borders the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the Jordan River to the east. Canaan, Eretz Yisrael, Judea, Syria... read full article

  • How many more cycles of war for Israel and Gaza?

    by David N. Myers

    17 hours ago

    There is a constituency of Jews out there who find themselves reduced to silence when contemplating the current conflict in Israel and Gaza. It is not just the fear of stepping out of line from the organized community’s lock-step support for the government of Israel. It is that the...

  • Blaming Israel won’t bring peace

    By David Suissa

    18 hours ago

    How much blame does Israel deserve for the tragic situation it finds itself in? If you listen to thinkers like celebrated author and peace activist David Grossman, quite a bit. 

    “Why, for these past few years,” Grossman asks in the New York Times, “has Israel avoided judicious...

  • 10 truths about the Gaza conflict

    By Rob Eshman

    19 hours ago

    You’ve read everything, heard everyone, endured every flaming comment on Facebook, bobbed to every talking head on TV and lent an ear to every opinion from Hussein Ibish to Howard Stern. So, what have you learned?

    For me, it boils down to 10 truths:

    1. This is a fight about...

  • Has Israel become a left-right issue?

    by Douglas J. Workman

    3 days ago

    About a decade ago, my rabbi was promoting congregational AIPAC involvement.  His argument went that AIPAC was not necessary for our local liberal Jewish Congressman, who was a member of our synagogue.  If he ever did anything anti-Israel, the rabbi always had the option of...

  • Dear Madeleine Albright, Israel is not “Overdoing It”

    by Stephen M. Flatow

    5 days ago

    It's been 22 years since Madeleine Albright was a foreign policy adviser to President Jimmy Carter, 17 years since she was America's ambassador to the United Nations, and 13 since she was secretary of state. Yet all these years later, Albright is still pressuring Israel and trying...
  • Foreign fighters in Israel: 2014 isn’t 1948

    By Tom Tugend

    6 days ago

    Reading about the mass outpouring of mourners at the funeral for Max Steinberg, the 24-year old Angeleno killed fighting for Israel in Gaza, I was struck by a routine mention toward the end of the report.

    It read, “U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro extended a message of support and...

  • Immunity and Impunity: Fear and Loathing in Gaza

    by Rabbi David Seidenberg

    6 days ago

    “The terrorists are firing rockets from schools, from mosques, from hospitals, from heavily civilian populations. We have to try and are doing our best to minimize civilian casualties. But we cannot give our attackers immunity or impunity.”– Benyamin Netanyahu, on July 24, 2014

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