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  • What’s behind the rush to judgment in Ferguson Missouri?

    by Joe R. Hicks

    13 hours ago

    Eighteen year-old Michael Brown has finally been laid to rest, but the issues surrounding this tragic killing have not.  The facts surrounding the police shooting of the teenager remain largely unknown; with a Grand Jury hearing testimony and at least 3 other investigations...

  • Reflections on Sept. 1, 1939

    by Amanda Susskind

    14 hours ago

    Sept. 1, 2014, commemorates the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Poland. On that day in 1939, Germany launched the invasion of Poland, marking the beginning of hostilities in World War II.  Sixty million people died in the conflict over the next six years, including 6 million...

  • Why it’s not about Ferguson

    by Rabbi Aaron Alexander and Rabbi Ronit Tsadok

    14 hours ago

    The Jewish community should be engaged and enraged over what’s happening in Ferguson, Mo., and the long-standing racial discrimination in America that Ferguson has thrust into the spotlight. But the current news cycle will inevitably end, and we will either be an allied force for...

  • Lights, Camera, Shalom! Major Movie Studios Producing Slew of Pro-Israeli Films

    by Gidon Ben-Zvi

    15 hours ago

    Ten major film studios are currently in production on projects that promote a decidedly pro-Israeli narrative. In famously liberal Hollywood, such a development has left mouths agape and set tongues a wagging.

    Since the Jewish state began defending itself from the approximately...

  • Witness the Resilience, Resolve and Valiance of a Nation

    by Kamran Benji

    15 hours ago

    I recently had the privilege of traveling to Israel on a solidarity mission, arranged by Stand With Us, a prominent Israel advocacy group.  This amazing program was put together in a matter of days and was intended to show our unwavering stance with the people of Israel. Our trip...

  • Israel is: A departing reflection

    by Eliana Rudee

    1 day ago

    Israel is…

    Where I visit once a year even though I have no family there. Where I found myself. Where I went from being Jew(ish) to a proud Jew. Where those around me share a similar family past of pogroms, emigrations, anti-Semitism, and perseverance.

    Where I ate my first Bamba...

  • An open letter to Elon Gold

    by Mitch Paradise

    2 days ago

    Dear Elon,

    I’m sorry for the frightening confrontation you experienced. (“A Hate Incident” Jewish Journal 8/25/14) 

    Today, all Jews in the world where news penetrates must understand that the actions of Israel are going to have repercussions on their lives, and there is no...

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