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Why does a shul need a Maharat?

by David Benkof

1 day ago

A class of women at Yeshivat Maharat. File photo

A recent opinion piece in the Washington Jewish Week by Barbara Zakheim praised her Orthodox congregation (the National Synagogue in Washington, DC) for hiring a Maharat, a female... read full article

  • Let’s be thankful for our imperfect legal system

    By David Suissa

    2 days ago

    Imagine being the mother of one of the 200,000 people murdered in Syria over the past few years. As you grieve for your lost child, you empathize with the countless others who have suffered untold massacres in your chaotic and lawless country.

    One day, in a rundown local café on...

  • Synagogue Slaughter Aforethought

    by Eliana Rudee

    2 days ago

    Last Tuesday morning: five Jewish men head to synagogue in Har Nof—to pray for peace. Same morning: two Palestinians head to same synagogue—to murder them. It has been only one week since the tragic day. In fewer than 48 hours, supporters of the Har Nof community rallied online and...

  • Welcoming the stranger

    by Bruce J. Einhorn

    3 days ago

    On almost every emerging issue of public policy, our community asks the same question, either in audible or hushed voices: “Is it good for the Jews?” In the matter of President Barack Obama’s recent decision to defer and sideline prosecutions that might have resulted in the...

  • Jewish life at UCLA

    by Natalie Charney, Eytan Davidovits, Omer Hit, Gil Bar-Or and Tammy Rubin

    3 days ago

    We, the pro-Israel and Jewish student leaders of UCLA are extremely proud of our Jewish and pro-Israel student community. We stand strongly in support of Israel and against the BDS movement that is trying to delegitimize the Jewish state.

    Over the past few weeks a small group of...

  • Film for Thought: Israel’s Moral Might

    by Aryeh Shapiro

    3 days ago

    What is true strength? Is a person’s strength measured by his moral fiber or by the impression he gives off? Does strength emanate from within oneself – from one’s moral character – and spread to the outside, or does it begin externally – with a painted-on façade – and percolate...

  • Yaroslavsky, a ‘canny change agent’

    By Raphael J. Sonenshein

    3 days ago

    When we think of Jews involved in Los Angeles politics, we often divide them into two camps: liberal Democrats and Jewish Republicans. Liberal Democrats, as we picture them, are integrated into the broader progressive movements of Los Angeles. They are linked with multiethnic...

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