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  • Never an excuse for shooting unarmed suspects, former police chief says

    by Joseph D. McNamara, Reuters

    9 hours ago

    I was the police chief in Kansas City, Missouri, when an unarmed African-American teenager was shot by a cop for a non-violent issue. The result was a peaceful and constructive public dialogue - the opposite of what is happening now in Ferguson, Missouri, in the aftermath of the...

  • As school resumes, how to talk to children about the Gaza war

    by Jack Wertheimer, JTA

    1 day ago

    With the new school year nearly upon us, Jewish educational leaders are scrambling to prepare their teachers to discuss this summer’s Gaza War. The most pressing challenge is to design age-appropriate conversations: At which grade level might classroom discussions include...

  • Stop pretending nothing happens in August

    by Andres Martinez

    1 day ago

    The headlines these days all seem to demand exclamation marks. Iraq is teetering on the brink! Russian troops are massing on the Ukranian border! Gaza lies in ruins! World’s worst Ebola epidemic afflicts Africa!  

    Oh, and it is also National Goat Cheese Month.  Welcome to another...

  • Seeing clearly in Tel Aviv

    by Dalia Rosenfeld

    2 days ago

    There is nothing unusual about sitting at Café Hemda on Ibn Gvirol Street in Tel Aviv and spotting your teenage son zip by on a bicycle.

    Unless your son does not know how to ride a bicycle.

    And is not wearing his glasses.

    We visited Israel for a month this summer.  Yes, for...

  • It’s over for the Jews of Europe

    by Rabbi Pini Dunner

    4 days ago

    It is now almost three years since I moved with my family to the United States. Life for a Jew in the USA is markedly different to the European experience. American Jews are proud of being Jewish, understandably, and they project that pride without equivocation. The idea that you...

  • How liberal critics failed Israel

    By David Suissa

    5 days ago

    If you listen to some prominent liberal critics of Israel, you’d think that liberalism in Israel is in a deep coma. For many years now, these critics have been obsessed with Israel’s failure to make peace with the Palestinians.

    It’s a great cause, of course. How can anyone argue...

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