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My travels with the Wong family

by Harold Brackman

8 hours ago

Harold and Jireh at Disneyland. Image courtesy Harold Brackman

My experience is that those of us who believe—albeit with qualifications—in multiculturalism don’t always have the opportunity to put theory into practice.

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  • The West Bank and Gaza: Give economics a chance

    by Stuart A. Gabriel and Rabbi Ed Feinstein

    2 days ago

    In the wake of this summer’s war between Israel and Hamas, it is evident that neither party achieved its military or political objectives. And while a cease-fire is currently in place, fundamental steps to resolve the conflict aren’t on the agenda. Given a history of costly and...

  • Does slavery have a future? The ISIS challenge through Jewish lens

    by Harold Brackman

    2 days ago

    Human Rights Watch recounts the journey from slavery to freedom of Rewshe, a Yazidi teenager from the Iraqi village of Sinjar, who was among 200 women and girls carried to Raqqa, ISIS’ de facto capital in Syria. There, she was auctioned off for $1,000 but escaped before her...

  • Rabbis bearing witness in Ferguson

    by Michael Adam Latz, JTA

    2 days ago

    Early last week, national faith leaders called rabbis, pastors, priests and imams to Ferguson, Mo., a city rife with racial violence and pain. Along with my rabbinic colleagues from Truah: The Rabbinic Call for Justice, I responded to the call to the people of Ferguson that their...

  • Why Israel loses no sleep over Islamic State

    by Dimi Reider, Reuters

    3 days ago

    At first sight, it seems that Israel is just as preoccupied with the rise of Islamic State as anyone else. Israeli media report diligently on the extremist group's assault on the Kurdish town of Kobani and run at least a story every few days on its atrocities. Prime Minister...

  • “The frum tax” for public schools

    by David Benkof

    3 days ago

    While many American Jews have been big backers of public schools, our current system discriminates against traditionally religious Americans through what I call “the frum tax.” (Frum is Yiddish for observant.)
    Here’s how the frum tax works: If you’re secular and want to...
  • Power to the table

    By David Suissa

    4 days ago

    While we were having our meals in the sukkah this year, I kept thinking about another holiday. This is odd because Sukkot has a strong and distinctive personality. The very idea of building a sukkah is unusual. For eight days, this little hut is the center of our lives, which, in...

  • A better Orthodox reaction to the mikveh, East Ramapo scandals

    by Rabbi Eliyahu Fink

    4 days ago

    Three groups of Orthodox Jews have made several prominent appearances in the media over the last few weeks: The East Ramapo Central School District was profiled on National Public Radio because Chasidic Jews living in the district have wrested control of a majority vote on the...

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