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Achieving teshuvah in the Orthodox Jewish community

by Rabbi Eliyahu Fink

39 minutes ago

Orthodox Jewish men inspect myrtle branches for blemishes on Oct. 7. Photo by Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Three groups of Orthodox Jews have made several prominent appearances in the media over the last few weeks: The East Ramapo Central School District was profiled on National Public Radio... read full article

  • Obama must take action on LGBT rights overseas

    by Rabbi Steven Greenberg

    2 hours ago

    When I was a young man, still in the closet, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, one of the most prolific authorities on Jewish law of the 20th century, described gay people as rebels against God.  Grossly misinformed about the phenomenon, Rabbi Feinstein posited that homosexuals were possessed...
  • Israeli emigration to Berlin: It makes sense

    by Peter Rothholz

    2 hours ago

    The uproar in Israel about the so-called “Milky” affair has two distinct aspects. First, it calls attention to Israel’s current economic situation which has caused both real and perceived problems, especially for young people. The other, and rather darker, issue is that it has...
  • Anat, don’t ram a bus into Israel’s new-found unity

    by Leah Aharoni

    3 hours ago

    It’s not common for a society to undergo a mindset shift in the space of four months. Yet that’s exactly what happened in Israel this summer.
    The Israel of October 2014 is not the same country we lived in just a few short months ago. Most of us didn’t do anything to make it...
  • The facts of Ebola

    By Marty Kaplan

    3 hours ago

    When the young woman in the seat next to me asked the flight attendant for a glass of cabernet, I took it as a sign that projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea would not be part of my trip from PHL to LAX.   I also took it as a reminder that the Ebola irrationality I’ve slammed...

  • Recognizing Palestine:  When “Yes” was the Unacceptable Answer

    by Glenn Yago

    5 hours ago

    The New York Times ran an interesting, but not particularly illuminating debate about recognizing Palestine and the ultimate partition of the historic Land of Israel (a.k.a.  historical Palestine) into a Jewish State and an Arab State.  Much ink is being spilled about Sweden’s...
  • Should Israel stay or withdraw from the West Bank?

    By Uri Dromi

    6 hours ago

    Originally published in The Miami Herald

    Sixty years ago the Algerians revolted against the French who had ruled them for more than 120 years. On November 1, 1954, the National Liberation Front (FLN), the leading Algerian underground, issued a proclamation calling upon the French...

  • Uncovered California

    by Shia Altman

    7 hours ago

    For those who have just perked up, whose eyes opened wide, sorry, this column contains no nudity or salacious content.  Parts of it may be obscene, yes, but not for the reason the words “Uncovered” together with “California” might portend. This is a family website, after all....

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