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Memorial for Steven Sotloff

by Suzanne Davidson

3 days ago

I am someone who believes in bearing witness. I believe in showing up. Even if I am tired or even if it will be something that is depressing. Even if the event will put me in a bad mood... read full article

  • Cops, race and violence

    by David Lehrer and Joe R. Hicks

    3 days ago

    The recent death of Michael Brown has elicited strong reactions across the political spectrum---from Bill O’Reilly to Louis Farrakhan---everyone seems to have an opinion on how law enforcement interacts with young black males and the likelihood of black males being shot by cops.

  • We need to understand hatred better if we’re serious about fighting anti-Semitism

    by Kenneth S. Stern

    3 days ago

    The recent surge in antisemitic hate crimes in Europe was, unfortunately predictable.  This much we know about antisemitism: since the collapse of the Camp David peace talks in 2000, whenever violence in the Middle East involves Israel, hate crimes against Jews and Jewish-linked...

  • Why I hope the Shangri-La Hotel discrimination verdict is overturned

    By Rob Eshman

    5 days ago

    The Shangri-La charade has to stop.

    Two years ago, a jury found Tehmina Adaya, the owner of the chic Santa Monica Shangri-La hotel to have discriminated against a group of Jews by shutting down a party at the hotel organized by Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) and...

  • Fulfill the mandates of Rosh Hashanah by saving Alan Gross

    by Rabbi Steve Gutow

    5 days ago

    During the period known as the High Holy Days, we think about how we can better ourselves, serve our families, our friends and our communities, and we begin anew to reflect on the moral teachings of our people and our religion. Among those teachings are the concepts of pikuach...

  • ‘Breaking the Silence’ and Gaza

    by Professor Gerald Steinberg

    5 days ago

    The shooting war in Gaza was again accompanied by a massive political and media attack against Israel, with accusations of “war crimes” and “human rights violations” in parallel to the barrages of rockets and missiles.

    The weapons and soldiers in the political war are led by the...

  • Why Scottish Jews are nervous over the independence referendum

    by Jenni Frazer

    5 days ago

    Whenever I did something wrong in school my teachers would shake their heads and mutter to each other with feeling, “Her mother’s English, you know”, in a sort of well-the-poor-girl-can’t-help-it tone of voice. The general ethos was that Scotland, and Scottish education, was...

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