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Rosh HaShana Sites (5762 - 2001)

Posted on Nov. 29, 1999 at 7:00 pm

Selected Rosh HaShana Sites (5762 - 2001)

Aish HaTorah - High Holidays Ohr Somayach: Rosh Hashanah OU Presents Rosh HaShanah Torah Tots: Fun & Games Chabad: The Jewish New Year Project Genesis: Elul & Rosh HaShana Card 4 Israel (Biggest Rosh HaShana Card) The Time is Today (about Life) My Hebrew Dictionary - Rosh Hashana Related Words Akhlah: Children's Learning Network (includes the blessings) The J Site: Rosh Hashana Coloring Pages and Hebrew Songs Jewish Heritage Magazine: Rosh HaShanah 613.org - Jewish Torah Audio (real audio) Virtual Jerusalem: Rosh Hashana Everything Jewish: Rosh HaShanna - The Jewish New Year Uncle Eli's Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Prayer Book Beith David Presents the Yam'im Nora'im Rosh HaShanah @ JTS < Jewish Community Online: Rosh Hashanah Judaism 101: Rosh HaShana WZO: Holidays with a twist JA Pedagogic Center: Tishrei Festivals Holidays.Net: High Holidays on the Net Celebrate with JOI: Rosh Hashanah Torah From Dixie: Rosh Hashana Articles NCSY: Rosh Hashana Articles Virtual Beit Midrash: Rosh HaShana Journal (2000) Virtual Jewish World: Rosh Hashanah Jewish Magnes Museum: Sounding the Shofar Rosh Hashonoh Gateway Misrash Ben Ish Hai (Sepharadim customs) Jewish Studies: High Holiday Handbook

Hebrew Sites

Galim: Rosh Hashana Short Hebrew Essays on Rosh Hashana Bar-Ilan Essays on Rosh Hashana Daat: Rosh Hashana Torah Articles Maale: Rosh Hashana Articles Torah Outreach Program: Rosh Hashana


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