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Celebrating A Miracle

By Curt Schleier

by Curt Schleier

Posted on Oct. 28, 1999 at 8:00 pm

If you need proof that miracles still happen in this world, look no further than Benjamin Kadish.

When Kadish, who was shot twice during the Aug. 10 attack on the North Valley Jewish Community Center, was first brought into the emergency room he had no pulse, according to Dr. Charles Deng, head emergency physician for Providence Holy Cross Medical Center.

"We had only seconds to get an IV in and get his pressure back up," Deng said. "We also knew that in order for [his pressure] to drop that much, there had to be internal damage. Fortunately, everything worked out that day. The paramedics did exactly what they should have done, which is get him over here as quickly as possible, what we call 'scoop and run.' There's not a doubt in my mind that if they had tried to fly him to Children's [Hospital] or another hospital, Ben would not have made it."

Because of the extensive media coverage, many people knew that Benjamin's abdomen and left leg were pierced by bullets. What most people do not know is that, because of the severed artery and vein on his right side, Ben could easily have lost the use of his right leg. Deng credits Vascular Surgeon Dr. Mehdi Fakhrai, along with Dr. Clarence Sutton, Dr. Robert Roth and anesthesiologist Dr. Rene Barga, for making it possible for the boy to walk again.

"I, too, want to mention Dr. Barga," Fakhrai said. "He was there all the time, for the entire six hours the boy was in surgery, and because of him we were able to get everything done we needed to do."
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