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Obituaries: Oct. 1-7, 2010

Posted on Sep. 28, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Robert “Bob” Allen died May 15 at 57. Survived by wife Marla; daughters Michelle, Heather and Carly; 1 grandson; brother Andy (Robin) Fisch. Mount Sinai

Norman Warren Alschuler died June 11 at 87. Survived by wife Lillian; daughters Barbara (Joseph) Alschuler Rhoades, Teresa Alschuler Gindi and Donna; brother Walter (Selma). Hillside

Nancy Barnett died May 11 at 99. Survived by daughter Linda (Richard) Lester; son Larry (Linda Rae); 3 grandchildren; sister Thelma Benveniste. Mount Sinai

Shirley Barondess died May 14 at 97. Survived by daughter Joan (David) Friedenberg; 2 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Joyce Beskin died July 8 at 79. Survived by daughter Lori; son Jeffrey (Harriet); 1 grandchild; 2 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Olivier Bilak died July 18 at 38. Survived by father Milton; brothers Dorian (Frances) and Marcel (Fiorenza). Hillside

Luella Briefman died July 6 at 90. Survived by husband Manuel; sons David and Howard. Hillside

Lorraine Errington died May 29 at 71. Survived by daughter Linda (Steven) Roach; sons David (Elizabeth) and Steve Ungar; 10 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; brother Al (Barbara). Hillside

Seymour George Farber died June 8 at 85. Survived by wife Rita; sons Lloyd (Judy) and Gregg (Terri); sister Bernice. Hillside

Harlan Godes died July 16 at 60. Survived by brother Richard. Hillside

Barbara Goldenberg died July 7 at 81. Survived by daughter Amy Sweeney. Hillside

Henry Hauser died July 5 at 87. Survived by daughters Lori, Iris Walker and Adrea Suddith; son Michael; 5 grandchildren. Hillside

Hortense Herman died June 30 at 91. Survived by husband Paul; daughter Fran Regos; 2 grandchildren; brother Arnold Greenfield. Hillside

Walter Knispell died June 30 at 96. Survived by daughter Diane Leeman; brother-in-law Irving Fischer; sister-in-law Vilma Fischer. Hillside

William Kolodin died June 29 at 82. Survived by sons Steven and Richard. Hillside

Sophie Lazar died May 31 at 88. Survived by daughters Frieda Ferrick and Chana Bell; 6 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Morris “Moniek” Mandelberg died June 28 at 87. Survived by wife Rose; sons Arthur and Neil; sister-in-law Blanka Lifshin; 5 grandchildren; 1 grandchild. Sholom Chapels

Betty Steinberg Levinson died June 25 at 91. Survived by daughter Shelley (Martin) Cooper; son Matthew (Jennifer) Steinberg; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Sydell D. Miller died May 25 at 88. Survived by son Peter Osinoff; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Don Nadler died March 17 at 82. Survived by wife Joan; daughters Stacy and Daryl (Les) Sutton; son James (Ellen Gould); son-in-law Ron Schneeberger; 7 grandchildren; sisters Ann Zun and Jeannette Ross. Hillside

Myrna Needleman died July 10 at 76. Survived by husband Stuart; sons Kevin (Susan), Keith (Claudia) Dobbins, stepson Bruce (Brenda) and Philip; stepdaughter Jill Freedman. Hillside

Aaron Rolbin died June 24 at 41. Survived by children Taylor and Rachel; mother Barbara; father, Terence; brothers, David and Michael; and fiancee Pashanna Larmond. Mount Sinai

Gloria Rosenbaum died July 3 at 86. Survived by daughters Leslie and Laurie; son Louis; 2 grandchildren; brother Melvin (Stephanie) Haber; sister Franky Rossmore. Hillside

Israel Rubinstein died July 5 at 87. Survived by wife Margot; stepson Ron (Stephanie) Tichauer; stepdaughter Susan Tichauer; 3 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

Ina Salierno died May 21 at 82. Survived by sister-in-law Marcella Samuelson. Hillside

Emil Schlesinger died Feb. 27 at 93. Survived by daughters Sharon and Barbara; son Michael Schlesinger. Hillside

David Adam Schwartz died June 25 at 60. Survived by wife Barbara; daughter Stacey (Seth Levine); son Cory; brother Tony (Belle). Hillside

Fay Schwartz died June 30 at 89. Survived by 2 daughters; 2 sons-in-law; 5 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Cantor Philip Silverstein died June 30. Survived by daughter Rosalie (Daniel) Novick and Gloria (Ben) Macks; sons Jerry (Ella) and Dvid (Claudio); 11 grandchildren; many great-grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Ruth Simon died June 30 at 80. Survived by husband David; daughters Rachel (John Classen) and Jessie. Hillside

Penny Splan died May 31 at 72. Survived by daughter Mara (Jeffrey) Lenkov; son Howard (Lynn) Miller; 3 grandchildren; sister Tanis (Art) Harris. Hillside

Ellen Stang died June 29 at 62. Survived by husband Jim; daughters Leah and Nelle. Hillside

Leo Stone died July 1 at 84. Survived by wife Gloria; sons Howard (Susan) and Ariel (Rebecca); 3 grandchildren; brother Morris; sister Saritha Margon. Hillside

Richard Stone died July 7 at 81. Survived by daughters Donna Mae Perkins, Diane Sollars, Dara and Debbie; son Scott; 7 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Irene Torok died May 11 at 87. Survived by daughter Suzanne; son George; 4 grandchildren; many nieces; one nephew. Eden

Garry Ulmer died July 7 at 70. Survived by wife Gayane; daughters Alison, Emily and Theodora; son John; 4 grandchildren. Hillside

Dana Leslie Weiss died March 11 at 82. Survived by husband Martin. Hillside

Sheldon Jay Weinberger died May 31 at 78. Survived by wife Barbara; daughter Jill. Hillside

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