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Obituaries: Oct. 5 - 11, 2012

Posted on Oct. 3, 2012 at 10:56 am

Yetta Feinhandler Addison died Aug. 30 at 79. Survived by daughters Ivy (Art) Yeomanms, Diane (Elias) Addison Fayad; sons Elliot (Kaye), Richard, Marty (Shelley); 9 grandchildren; brothers Aaron (Sarah) Feinhandler, Harry (Piri) Feinhandler; sisters Victoria Kain, Elke Bebek, Myrana Bird, Pearl (Tom) Kardos. Mount Sinai

Gladys Baim died Aug. 25 at 94. Survived by son Steven (Robin Coleman), Richard (Erica); sister Norma Jacques. Hillside

Geraldyn Belzer died Sept. 2 at 85. Survived by husband Burton; sons Michael (Charlotte), Richard (Judi), John (Leslie Silverstone); 9 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Cecelia Berkenfeld died Aug. 28 at 75. Survived by cousin Bruce Pastel. Mount Sinai

Sherrie Berns died Aug. 13 at 82. Survived by daughter Edith (John); son Bob (Susan); 3 grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Eli Boyer died Sept. 4 at 92. Survived by wife Michelle; sons Michael (Susan), Jonathon (Julie); 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Sheldon Cohen died Aug. 15 at 88. Survived by sons Robert, Mark, Joshua. Malinow and Silverman 

Harold J. Delchamps, Jr. died Aug. 31 at 92. Survived by wife Fanya Carter. Mount Sinai

Stanley Eskin died Aug. 15 at 87. Survived by nieces Jackie, Shelley Brass. Mount Sinai

Wendy Friedenthal died June 25 at 54. Survived by father Larry Crane; brother Alan. Mount Sinai

Gerald Garden died Sept. 1 at 83. Survived by daughter Sheryl (Peter) Armstrong; son Steven (Cheryl); 4 grandchildren. Hillside 

Herbert Grossman died Sept. 2 at 89. Survived by wife Patricia; daughter Lise Reilly; son Jonathan. Hillside

David Lloyd Hecht died Aug. 12 at 64. Survived by sister Marilyn (Stan) Weisleder. Mount Sinai

Ruth Hellman died Aug. 30 at 94. Survived by husband Maurice; daughter Judy (Ted) Singer; 1 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Hyman Hershow died Sept. 2 at 93. Survived by daughter Marva (Bill) Baumgart; son Jeffrey (Sharon); 1 grandchild; brother Abraham (Gabrielle). Mount Sinai

Margaret Herskovits died Aug. 26 at 85. Survived by daughters Gloria Burd, Vivien (Glenn) Weinman, Marilyn (Steve) Smooke; son Edward (Mary Stover); 7 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Lila Horowitz died Sept. 1 at 93. Survived by daughter Jasmine Gage; son Artie (Lisa); 1 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Myrna Jensen died Aug. 31 at 93. Survived by daughter Charlotte; son Mike Arzio; 2 grandchild. Mount Sinai

Phyllis Wiseman Kreiss died Sept. 1 at 85. Survived by daughter Marsha (Harold) Kreiss-Berger; sons Donald, Steven; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Shirley Levy died Sept. 1 at 86. Survived by daughter Maxine Hesse; son Mark. Hillside

Max Linden died Aug. 26 at 100. Survived by daughter Linda (Stanley) Beckman. Hillside

Jerome “Jerry” Loewenstein died Aug. 29 at 82. Survived by daughter Hilary (Harold
Gottlieb) Loewenstein; sons Michael (Sung Tao), Steven; 2 grandchildren; former wife Geraldine. Mount Sinai

Irving Lofman died Sept. 4 at 85. Survived by stepdaughter Maria Antoinette Ridino; stepson Willard Henry (Elizabeth) Barry; 2 grandchildren; sister Victoria Quick. Mount Sinai

Henry Miller died on Aug. 25 at 89. Survived by wife Cesia; daughter Sharon Mickell; son William; 5 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Esther Pearlman died Sept. 4 at 92. Survived by daughter Laura (David) Cher; sons Andrew (Deborah), Dale (Dara); 8 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

John S. Pennish died Aug. 30 at 91. Survived by daughter Debbie (Roger) Perez; son David; 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Clara Pieter died Aug. 19 at 90. Survived by daughter Rhona Wener; son Andrew; 4 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Norton Jerome Racine died Aug. 30 at 86. Survived by daughter Karen (Cary) Pritikin; son Scott (Wendy); 3 grandchildren; brother Earl (Davida). Mount Sinai

Mildred Salkin died Sept. 2 at 92. Survived by daughter Janine Baer; son Tracy (Dana); stepson Michael; brother Paul (Nancy) Kahn; 3 grandchildren. Hillside 

Sherman Schwartz died Aug. 24 at 92. Survived by daughter Linda (Alf) Merriweather; sons Lester (Renee), Sandy (Deborah), Larry (Faye); 10 grandchildren; 8 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Jessica Silver died Aug. 27 at 14. Survived by  mother Michelle Brooks-Silver; father Robert; sister Amanda; grandmother Joan; grandfather Arthur Brooks; aunt Susan Hagstrom; uncles Baron Brooks, Tom Hagstrom, Derek Underhill; 3 cousins. Mount Sinai

Harold Silverstein died Aug. 24 at 84. Survived by daughters Wendy Silverstein Crellin, Hilary Moses; son Jim. Mount Tamalpais

Edythe Weiner died Aug. 24 at 93. Survived by husband Irving, son Rick. Hillside

Dena Weizer died Aug. 25 at 88. Survived by daughter Nancy McCarthy; son Wendy (Michael) Rosman; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Liova Zarutsky died Sept. 2 at 97. Survived by wife Ester; daughter Galina (Michael) Ferd; son Ilia; 4 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

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