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Nov. 5-11, 2010

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Posted on Nov. 3, 2010 at 9:56 am

Rabenkalimi Ahdoot died Sept. 26 at 77. Survived by wife Iran Mahgrefteh; 7 children; grandchildren. Sholom Chapels

Albert Berg died Sept. 23 at 90. Survived by daughters Hope Murray and Marilyn (Marlon) Berg-Aberdeen; 1 granddaughter. Mount Sinai

Frances Berres died Sept. 17. Survived by daughter Barbara; son-in-law Frank; 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Henry “Hank” Booke died Sept. 17 at 80. Survived by wife Joyce; children Jaime (Gary) Rubenstein, Carin (Mark) Nathanson and Kelly Booke; 6 grandchildren; sister Anita Kaplan. Mount Sinai

Selma Brown died Aug. 30 at 92. Survived by cousin John Lyon. Malinow and Silverman

Roslyn Chester died Sept. 16 at 87. Survived by daughter Tammy (William) Travis; sons Steven Alan (Leona) and Leonard Howard (Susan); 6 grandchildren; 3 great- grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Isaac Cohen died Sept. 19 at 65. Survived by son Yaron. Sholom Chapels

Rachel Corn died Sept. 22 at 89. Survived by daughter Emby (Tom) Searson; son Sheldon (Kristi) Costin; 4 grandchildren; sister Roslyn Ostrovsky; brothers Jack (Bea) Firestone and Harvey (Dorothy) Firestone. Mount Sinai

Frances Creamer died Aug. 17 at 100. Survived by son Neale (Marian); brother Bernard Cagan; 2 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Yossi Eichenbaum died Sept. 16 at 68. Survived by wife Sandra; daughter Allie; sons Joshua and Yale; brothers Baruch, Solomon H. and Betzalel Naftali. Mount Sinai

Ruth Ellis died Aug. 20 at 85. Survived by sons Frank and John. Malinow and Silverman

Doris Engel-Moffitt died Aug. 28 at 93. Survived by daughter Terry Crane. Sholom Chapels

Moshe Ettinger died Aug. 29 at 82. Survived by wife Ruth; daughter Sheila Siegel; son Gil (Linna); sisters Dina Levitan and Zedkia Herne; brother Yona; 4 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Saul Fischler died Aug. 14 at 87. Survived by wife Sylvia; daughter Ruth Zasadil. Sholom Chapels

Harold Fleischman died Aug. 18 at 68. Survived by wife Ruth; daughter Debra; son Steven (Sabrina); 2 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Nanette Footlick died Sept. 5 at 68. Survived by husband Jerry; sons Larry and David; 2 grandchildren. Sholom Chapels

Alex Gorin died Aug. 17 at 58. Survived by son Eugene Straschnow. Malinow and Silverman

Svetlana Gorin died Sept. 24 at 73. Survived by daughter Mila (Leo) Gavrilman; son Igor (Tatyana); 2 granddaughters; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Davida J. Gould died Sept. 14 at 83. Survived by son Charles (Gretchen); daughter Cheryl (Mitch) Selleck; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Eric Greenstein died Sept. 21 at 39. Survived by daughter Mikol; son Aden; mother Carol (Paul Vinnicof); father Jules Greenstein; former wife Shelly Warshaw. Mount Sinai

Anne R. Greer died Sept. 5 at 88. Survived by daughter Karen L. Miller; son Michael N. Miller; 2 granddaughters. Chevra Kadisha

Evelyn Grossman died Sept. 6 at 92. Survived by son Arlen (Nancy); 3 grandchildren. Hillside

Selma Hassman died Aug. 22 at 92. Survived by daughter Phyllis; son George; 2 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Lillian Katz died Sept. 18 at 92. Survived by daughter Carol Maler; son Richard (Nancy); 5 grandchildren; 6 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Anne Kaufman died Aug. 14 at 91. Survived by daughter Carol. Malinow and Silverman

Jerry Ivan Lavinsky died June 23 at 77. Survived by wife Barbara; daughters Julia Malisos and Alexandra Hernandez; sons Ivan, Jordan, Irv and Steven. Hillside

Bruce Lebowitz died Aug. 25 at 55. Survived by wife Stacey; daughters Candice and Jamie; son Jason; brother Marty. Sholom Chapels

Ingrid Lerman died Sept. 20 at 75. Survived by caregivers Carmen Hefner and Sarah Prater. Mount Sinai

Rae Levenson died Sept. 16 at 98. Survived by daughters Shirley MacCabe and Edie; 3 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren; brother Maurice (Mary). Mount Sinai

Edna Lipstein died Aug. 24 at 100. Survived by sons David and Joseph Laden. Malinow and Silverman

Anna Miller died Sept. 14 at 98. Survived by daughter Dottie (Jeff) Davis; son Larry (Mary Kelly); sister Rose Pilch; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Helen Miller died Sept. 5 at 79. Survived by husband Stanley; daughter Karen (Michael) Spector; sons Douglas (Stephanie) and Marvin Schwartz; stepsons Howard (Joni) and Joel; sister Margaret Bruckman; 6 grandchildren. Hillside

Esther Molnar died Sept. 15 at 92. Survived by cousins Esther Degen, Mickey Beckenfeld, Jan and Alan Block, Ronnie Beckenfeld, Linda and Harvey Monistirsky, Justin and Larissa Block, David Block, and Nicole and Mike Kiley. Hillside

Brukha Pasternak died Sept. 16 at 98. Survived by daughter Sophia Beylin; 1 granddaughter. Sholom Chapels

Edward Peltz died Aug. 20 at 84. Survived by wife Isabelle; daughter Linda; sons David and Jeffrey; sister Ruth Rubens; 2 grandchildren. Sholom Chapels

Melvin Port died Sept. 16 at 91. Survived by wife Lillian; stepchildren Leslie and Bruce Weintraub; 2 step-granddaughters. Hillside

Helen Prager died Aug. 26 at 72. Survived by husband Ronald; son Jeff (Joanne); 3 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Philmore Robman died Sept. 18 at 81. Survived by wife Susan; daughters Rochelle (Justin) Nelson and Kimberly; son Jason (Karen); 7 grandchildren. Hillside

David Rubinstein died Aug. 26 at 81. Survived by wife Miriam; sons Zvi, Ethan and Gil; 8 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sister Rachel; brothers Akiva and Israel. Chevra Kadisha

Julian H. Satnick died Sept. 10 at 82. Survived by daughter Laurie (Doron) Tisser; sons David (Robin) and Robert (Debbie); 9 grandchildren. Hillside

Lucille Schwartz died Sept. 24 at 89. Survived by daughter Jane (Rob) Janiger; son Robert (Debbee); 2 grandchildren; brother Arthur Blakeman. Mount Sinai

Dina Sebag died Aug. 31 at 88. Survived by son Michael. Malinow and Silverman

Linda Shafritz died Aug. 9 at 56. Survived by husband Laryl; daughters Jennie and Kayli Shafritz; father Stanley Rubin. Malinow and Silverman

Milton Shapiro died Aug. 25 at 95. Survived by son Joseph. Malinow and Silverman

Shirley Sorkow died Sept. 21 at 85. Survived by sons Alan and Michael. Mount Sinai

Rabbi Edward Tenenbaum died Aug. 21 at 92. Survived by daughters Susan Nusbaum, Joan Berman and Rena Rothstein; 6 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Naum Trakhman died Aug. 21 at 61. Survived by daughter Anna Pakhamova. Sholom Chapels

Ruth K. Trust died Sept. 9 at 90. Survived by sons Ronald and Richard; daughter Karen; brother Marvin; 2 grandchildren; 1 great-grandchild. Hillside

May Wasserman died Sept. 20 at 94. Survived by son Ed; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Lucille Weisel died Sept. 14 at 90. Survived by husband Ben; daughter Linda; 1 grandson; sister Beverly Schaffer. Sholom Chapels

Marion Winner died Sept. 4 at 102. Survived by son Ron. Sholom Chapels

Roseanne Winnick died Aug. 19 at 85. Survived by daughter Ronnie Tiefer; sons Ralph (Joanne) and Robert (Karin); 10 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

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