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Obituaries Feb. 10-16, 2012

Posted on Feb. 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

Helen Baim died Dec. 9 at 90.  Survived by daughters Valerie Mandel, Michele; son Dennis; 5 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren.  Hillside

Hilda Bass died Dec. 10 at 88.  Survived by daughter Patti Balke; son Steven (Judy); 3 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren; sister Selma Hochman.  Mount Sinai

Rebecca Danpour died Dec. 9 at 78.  Survived by husband Naim; sons Henry, John, Sauli.  Mount Sinai

Pearl Finkler died Nov. 26 at 96. Survived by son Robert Cutler. Malinow and Silverman

Edythe Frank died Dec. 9 at 94. Survived by husband Hyman; sons Richard, William (Adena); 4 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Robert Goldstone died Dec. 1 at 79. Survived by wife Jari; sister Marilyn Goodman. Malinow and Silverman

Elayne Gralitzer died Dec. 12 at 82.  Survived by sons Richard (Stacey), David, William; 2 grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Stephan Gyurik died Nov. 22 at 84. Survived by wife Esther; daughters Andrea Drakeford, Nicole (Kenneth) Cowan; 4 grandchildren; brothers Robert (Rene), George (Huguette) Schwartz.  Malinow and Silverman

Henry Kaplan died Dec. 7 at 98.  Survived by sons Steven (Janet Levine), Mark (Erica); 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Margarita Katona died Dec. 3 at 95. Survived by son Gabriel (Glenda). Hillside

Norma Katz died Nov. 24.  Survived by daughter Mara Janis.

George H. Keys died Nov. 4 at 91. Survived by daughters Marcia Goudie, Gayle Riley, Janice Wheeler; son Steven; 6 grandchildren.  Chevra Kadisha

Paul E. Klein died Dec. 1 at 91.  Survived by wife Edith; daughter Judith (Mark); son David (Jackie); 4 grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Lilly Kolb died Dec. 14 at 102.  Survived by 2 grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Helen Kotlar died Dec. 6 at 102.  Survived by daughters Gloria Kagasoff, Gene Goldstein, Betty (Louis) Wiener; 6 grandchildren; 10 great-grandchildren; brother Sana (Genia) Rozenson. Mount Sinai

Florence Kuper died Dec. 4 at 98. Survived by daughter Ellen (Jeff) Halter; son Arthur; 4 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Simon Mayer Levi died Oct. 29 at 89. Survived by wife Florence; daughters Rosalind Gurwitz, Margaret “Maggie”; sons Russell Solomon, Edward Kelly; David Harrison.  Hillside

Howard Levine died Dec. 16 at 89.  Survived by wife Lois; daughter Laura J. Levine Politzer; son Daniel (Libby); 3 grandchildren; brother Walter.  Mount Sinai

Leonard Lipson died Dec. 9 at 87.  Survived by wife Audrey; son Alan; stepdaughters Beth Gomez, Sharon Simon; 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; brother Nolan Marty.  Mount Sinai

Erna Lovice died Dec. 4 at 100.  Survived by daughter Lisa (Frank) Schiller; 2 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren.

Simon Mael died Nov. 30 at 90. Survived by daughter Beth; son Alan (Lorie); 2 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sister Rae Price. Malinow and Silverman

Adelyne Minsky died Dec. 2 at 94. Survived by daughters Joanne, Carolyn (John) Satzman-Murphy; 2 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman

Joseph Nathanson died Dec.7 at 81.  Survived by partner Lise Fortier; daughter Julie (Phillip) Crawford; sister Ruth Pollack.

Isabelle Peltz died Dec. 7 at 82.  Survived by sons Jeff (Kristi), David (Carla); stepdaughter Linda; 2 grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Ethel Pepperman died Dec. 4 at 91.  Survived by daughter Faith (Jonathan) Cookler; sons Ronald (Penny), Marshall (Karyn); 3 grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Sally Peters died Dec 6 at 95.  Survived by son-in-law Mark Levinson; 2 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Michael Polesky died Nov. 25 at 48. Survived by wife Sherri Matsumiya; daughter Marilyn; father Reese; sister Andrea. Malinow and Silverman

Max Rosen died Dec. 4 at 93.  Survived by daughter Sharon; son Kenneth (Janice); 1 grandchild.  Sholom Chapels

Anne Rosenberg died Dec. 5 at 87.  Survived by husband Louis; sons Ron (Karen Sloane), Bradley (JoAnn); 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Alice Russell died Nov. 30 at 95.  Survived by son Michael (Syma); 2 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Ann Samson died Dec. 3 at 90.  Survived by daughters Leslie Margolis, Marla (Allen) Roberds; 5 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Shirley Sanders died Nov. 28 at 83. Survived by daughters Marcie (Gary) Lerner, Michelle (Ed) Large; son Howard (Kathy); 8 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; sister Adarae Walton. Malinow and Silverman

Joanne Schneider died Dec. 1 at 84.  Survived by daughters Leslie, Nancy Cohen; sons Dennis (Amy), Andrew; 7 grandchildren.  Mount Sinai

Sylvia Schneider died Dec. 7 at 92.  Survived by sons Todd, David, Mitchell.

Gerald Alan Schneiderman died Dec. 8 at 60.  Survived by wife Pamela Mozer; daughters Charleye, Suni; sons Zachary (Dahlia), Joshua (Juli), James (Danielle), Theodore; mother Vera; 3 grandchildren; sister Carol (Howard Knee). Mount Sinai

Annette Silberman died Dec. 5 at 85. Survived by daughter Wendy (Rabbi Sheldon) Pennes; sons Jerry, Stuart; 3 grandchildren; sisters Maxine (Asher) Stutman, Rhoda Lempert. Malinow and Silverman

Judi Sitkoff died Dec. 2 at 69.  Survived by husband Malcolm; daughter Erica; son Paul; grandchildren.  Sholom Chapels

Sivee Carol Stein died Dec. 10 at 27.  Survived by husband John; daughter Sasha.

Arnold Michael Stux died Nov. 21 at 42.  Survived by mother Erica Stux Shore; sister Lydia; brother Ted.

Bernard Trachtman died Dec. 1 at 90.  Survived by wife Florence; daughters Joy (Robert) Cohn, Jill (Robert) Waxler, Jodi Samuels; 8 grandchildren. Hillside

Judith Gayle Kaplan Turner died Nov. 29 at 71.  Survived by husband Alvin; sister Esther Rosenbaum. Mount Sinai

Phillip Marcus Wells died Nov. 14 at 36.  Survived by mother Sandra (Larry) Kaplan, sisters Shana Kaplan, Melissa Kaplan; brother Evan Sneider; grandmothers Leona Berger, Rae Kaplan. Groman Eden

Louis Wiener died Nov. 27 at 85. Survived by wife Myra; daughters Barbra (Catharine), Phyllis Weiner (Shayna); stepsons Scott, Donald (Shari) Emas, Allan (Leanne) Emas; 14 grandchildren; 5 great-grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman 

Daniel Zarco died Nov. 12 at 23. Survived by mother Ann Zannella; sister Sarah Zannella; brothers Terry Zannella, Ryan Braden. Chevra Kadisha

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