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Posted on Aug. 23, 2007 at 8:00 pm

Bernice Cooperman, Shalom House Co-founder, Dies at 72

Bernice Cooperman died Aug. 2 at 72 in Chatsworth from lung cancer. She was surrounded by her family.

Born Jan. 27, 1935 in Pittsburgh, she graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and married Larry Cooperman in 1956. After living in Chicago, where she was an elementary school teacher for four years, the family moved to Los Angeles. In 1971, Larry and Bernice founded the Shalom House Jewish Store. For the last 10 years, Bernice has been affectionately known as the Tallit Lady, for all the help she has given to kids selecting a prayer shawl for their bar or bat mitzvah.

She is survived by her husband, Larry; children, Aaron (Andrea), David (Stacey Sass), Daniel (Brenda) and Gary (Elana); 10 grandchildren; sister, Estelle (David) Belkin; brother-in-law, Sandy (Verna); nephews; and nieces.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the American Cancer Society.

Aaron Bloom, Etta Israel Center Co-founder, Dies at 91

The Jewish Community of Los Angeles lost one of its leaders this past July 18, and the Bloom family lost a dearly loved and respected husband, father and grandfather: Aaron Bloom. He was 91.

Bloom, one of three brothers, was born to immigrant parents. Both father and mother were hard working individuals -- ardent socialists who devoted their time and limited resources to helping others.

Aaron Bloom grew up during the era of Lindberg, Earhardt, Hughes and Douglas. Thus, he pursued a passion for aviation by earning an aeronautical engineering degree from Boston University followed by a successful career as an aerospace engineer. Among his notable accomplishments was the invention of the ubiquitous yellow emergency oxygen mask widely used around the world on commercial aircraft.

After his retirement, he dedicated himself to being of service to the Jewish community. He served as president of the board of directors of Beth Jacob Congregation in Beverly Hills for three terms. In his late 70s he cofounded -- together with his wife, Rickey Bloom -- the Etta Israel Center in the memory and honor of their friend, Mrs. Etta Israel.

The Etta Israel Center, founded in 1992, is a nonprofit community-based organization committed to raising awareness and sensitivity toward people with special needs.

"Let me help" was Bloom's motto. His kindness and compassion touched many people over the span of his lifetime. He embodied the spirit of tikkun olam – healing the world –- and will be greatly missed.

In addition to his wife of 62 years, he is survived by his sons, Druce, Richard and Dr. Stuart; daughter, Lydia Sussman; children-in-law; 11 grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

Donations in memory of Aaron Bloom can be made to the Etta Israel Center, 12722 Riverside Drive, Suite 105, North Hollywood, CA 91607. Funds raised will be allocated to the opening of a new Etta Israel Center residential group home for Jewish adults with special needs, to be named in his memory.


Gloria Ruth Applebaum died July 18 at 78. She is survived by her husband, Jack; son, Larry (Lucia); and granddaughter, Lauren. Mount Sinai

Betty Batchley died May 29 at 89. She is survived by her sons, Scott and Brian; daughter, Wendy Breslow; seven grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Groman

Herman Bessler died May 22 at 93. He is survived by his daughter, Rebecca Strunk; one grandchild; and brother, David. Groman

Sheila Brush died May 22 at 74. She is survived by her daughters, Janet and Andrea; and four grandchildren. Groman

Louis Ferkel died May 24 at 91. He is survived by his wife, Eva; son, Richard; daughter, Donna Krause; and four grandchildren. Groman

Seymour Garrett died July 18 at 84. He is survived by his wife, Elaine; son, Stephen; and grandson, Adam. Hillside

Martin Gubman died July 17. He is survived by his son, David; daughter, Gayle; three grandchildren; sisters, Edythe and Gloria; and brother-in-law, Sherwyn. Hillside

Lawrence Helfend died May 28 at 77. He is survived by his friends.

Boris Itzkowitz died May 20 at 92. He is survived by his son, Sheldon; and three grandchildren. Groman

Milton Kazerman died May 28 at 89. He is survived by his wife, Ruth; daughters, Judy (Chuck) Shubb and Donna Hay; two grandchildren; and one great-grandchild. Groman

Roman Krasner died May 28 at 81. He is survived by his wife, Dora; son, Felix; daughter, Marina; and sister, Batya Berenshtyn.

Julia Matza died July 15 at 90. She is survived by her daughter, Hedda Matza Haughton. Malinow and Silverman

David Sherman Michaels died July 16 at 75. He is survived by his wife, Esther; daughters, Lauri, Debbie (Bradley) and Michelle; three grandchildren; and sister, Renee. Hillside

Myra (Schulman) Moston, died July 16 at 85. She is survived by daughters Toby (John) Pokras, Tracy (Bill) Smith and Toni; and three grandchildren. Hillside

David Bainard Neiman died July 16 at 72. He is survived by his wife, Rona; daughter, Nadine (Marc) Parmelee; sons, David (Heather) Grummer and Edward; three grandchildren; and sister, Phyllis Friedman. Mount Sinai

Younes Parhami died May 21 at 91. He is survived by his wife, Victoria; son, Parviz; daughter, Vida Mokhtarian; and seven grandchildren. Groman

Dorothy Rosen died July 19 at 85. She is survived by her son, Michael. Hillside

Robert Saul died May 31 at 93. He is survived by his wife, Rachel; sons, Victor and Thomas; daughter, Cathryn (Richard) Conn; and sister, Lucy Moreno. Groman

Jerome Harold Shatanoff died May 21 at 84. He is survived by his wife, Toby; daughter, Susan (Daniel) Wyman; and three grandchildren. Groman

Fannie Shechtman died May 30 at 92. She is survived by her son, Morton; daughter, Freida Weiss; three grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. Groman

Estelle Shulberg died July 17 at 91. She is survived by her son, Richard (Annie). Malinow and Silverman

Harold Siegal died May 19 at 87. He is survived by his wife, Seema; his son, Mark Frederick; daughter; Roberta Jean Bernstein; stepson, Marty P. Ross; stepdaughter, Sandra Loboda-Shaulzon; 11 grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. GromanShirley Irene Smith died May 22 at 80. She is survived by her brother, Fred Blumenthal; nieces, Amy (Richard Geller) Blumenthal and Nancy McManus; nephew, Hank Blumenthal; four great-nieces; and one great-nephew. Groman

Marian Solomon died July 19 at 91. She is survived by her husband, Jack; and daughter, Donna (Gary) Frieden. Hillside

Hilda Stein died May 31 at 70. She is survived by her husband, Ralph; daughters, Jennifer (Michael) Souveroff and Sheryl (Jeffrey); and two grandchildren. Groman

Lois Storck died May 30 at 85. She is survived by her husband, Edward; son, Larry Sackey; daughter, Susan Madden; three grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; sister, Aileen Feinstein. Groman

Irving Temple died July 18 at 92. He is survived by his friends. Mount Sinai

Milton Tobias died July 16 at 95. He is survived by his daughters, Madeline (Allan) Solk and Jacqueline Phillips; son, Michael; seven grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and brother, Joe. Mount Sinai

Sherman Torgan died July 18 at 63. He is survived by his wife, Mary; son, Michael; brother, Marvin (Donna); and brother-in-law, Stephen Sheldon. Mount Sinai

Bunny Wilk died July 17 at 87. She is survived by her husband, Lou; son, Sandy (Marlene); daughter, Joyce (Dave) Snyder; grandchildren, Greg and Dana (Dave) Green; and two great-granddaughters. Hillside

Helen Yalem died May 29 at 72. She is survived by her daughter, Ann Brown. Groman

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