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Posted on Jun. 18, 2014 at 8:57 am

Hazel Adair-Cohn died May 19 at 75. Survived by daughter Brandice Friedman; sister Arlyne Corfine; brothers Irving Levin, Gary Levin. Hillside

Morton J. Archer died May 18 at 89. Survived by sons Steven (Paula Bacon), Gary, Jerry; 1 granddaughter; 1 great-grandson. Groman Eden

David Avram Barmack died May 15 at 61. Survived by wife Morgan Stewart; mother Norma; sister Beth (Tom Richardson). Mount Sinai

Lillian Berg died May 14 at 97. Survived by son Murray (Laura); daughter-in-law Danna; 4 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Arthur Simon Bledy died May 17 at 89. Survived by sons Leslie (Christine), Mark; brother William; 4 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Groman Eden

Constance Brand died May 12 at 86. Survived by daughter Lisa Brand Held; son Michael; 2 grandchildren. Hillside

Rae Gold Brooks died April 19 at 89. Survived by daughter Kathy (Barry) Rosenblatt; son Michael (Susan Warnock); 4 grandchildren;  2 great-grandchildren;  nieces and nephews. Groman Eden

Anne Brown died May 21 at 77. Survived by brother Edward (Linda); niece Eileen (Louis) Brown Kahn; nephews Howard (Amber); Michael (Alison). Mount Sinai

Gertrude Cohanna died May 20 at 105. Survived by nephew Richard Colman; nieces Lisa Poncia, Rachel Wagner. Hillside

Marilyn Selma Epstein died May 20 at 83. Survived by brother Coleman (Donna); nieces Valerie (Jason) Seitz, Jackie (Jay) Kalish, Dori (Eka) Aveau. Groman Eden

Phyllis Pearl Feld died May 13 at 83. Survived by daughter Carole (David Levy); 1 grandson. Mount Sinai        

Adolph Feldman died May 11 at 97. Survived by son Joseph; daughters Bea (Carl) Fenig, Sharone (Dovid) Perlman; 1 granddaughter. Mount Sinai

Al Feldman died May 15 at 82. Survived by wife Marsha; daughter Denise (Matthew) Haffner; son Brian (Alison); 4 grandchildren; 1 niece. Mount Sinai

Elsie “Kitty” Finkelstein died May 13 at 92. Survived by daughters Judy, Shari (Michael) Weiner; 5 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren. Mount Sinai 

Harvey Alson Fleetwood died May 15 at 87. Survived by daughter Janet Fleetwood Sperling (Michael Sperling); sons Eric (Gena Stinnett), Glen; 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Ruth Foster died May 21 at 84. Survived by son Mark (Sharon); 1 grandson. Mount Sinai

Betty Harber died May 20 at 97. Survived by son Joel (Andrea) Levine; 4 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Harold “Hal” Hertzberg died May 17 at 91. Survived by wife Leona; daughter Rita Suzanne Hertzberg (K.C.) Winstead; 2 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Leon Hirsh died May 19 at 90. Survived by wife France; daughter Susan (Shmuel) Litenatsky; son Haym (Lisa). Eden Memorial

Solomon Kaplon died May 10 at 98. Survived by daughter Michelle (Victor) Levin. Mount Sinai

Steven F. Kleiger died May 16 at 73. Survived by wife Elaine; sons Ean (Phoebe), Adam (Lisa), Rodney (Bonnie), Jeremy (Betsey); 8 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Jeffrey Krone died May 12 at 71. Survived by sons Lorin, Victor; sister Julie Stein. Hillside

Leo Levy died May 15 at 85. Survived by wife Betty; son Richard (Pamela); daughter Diane Nelson; 4 grandchildren. Mount Sinai

Eva Mass died May 14 at 89. Survived by daughters Judith (Mitchell) Mass Blake, Joan (Carolyn Hewitt); son Dan (Lenore); 6 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Hillside

Jack Irwin Morris died May 17 at 84. Survived by wife Thelma; daughter Michelle (Doron) Menna; son Steven; 3 grandchildren. Chevra Kadisha

Stephen Nadelberg died May 18 at 72. Survived by wife Raejean; daughter Debbie Nadelberg-Varshawsky; sons Bob (Marnie), David; 3 grandchildren; brother Michael (Naomi); aunt Olive Keeley. Mount Sinai

Philip Nuta died May 15 at 89. Survived by friends Chaye and Isaac Leitansky. Hillside

Leah Pozil died May 12 at 79. Survived by husband Richard; daughter Sheri (Charles) Boone; stepsons Robert, Bennett; 9 grandchildren. Hillside

Ralph William Rogovin died May 22 at 82. Survived by daughter Jennifer (Robert) Wexler; 2 grandchildren. Groman Eden

Victor Salo Selten died May 13 at 94. Survived by wife Judy Stewart; sons Eric (Barbara), Dolph (Christina), 6 grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren. Groman Eden

Selma Schimmel died May 21 at 59. Survived by sister Debby (Ken) Bitticks. Mount Sinai

Herbert Shieber died May 20 at 95. Survived by wife Ruth; brother William (Horty); sister Jeanne (Ben) Milder; niece Barbara Perle; caregiver Elsy Escalante. Mount Sinai

Zola Siegal died May 21 at 92. Survived by nephew Solomon Gresen. Hillside

Louis Sirota died May 11 at 87. Survived by niece Joy (Charles) Kravetz; brother-in-law Sam Altchuler. Mount Sinai     

Edward H. Taran died May 15 at 73. Survived by nieces Nadine (Zach) Zysman, Francine (Charlie) Freund, Tiffany (Scott) Howard. Mount Sinai

Maya Tessler died May 18 at 67. Survived by brother Alexander (Barbara). Hillside

Jean Varon died May 10 at 94. Survived by daughter Doreen (Mark) Anthony; sons Robert (Marcia), Michael (Carol), Jerry; 7 grandchildren; 2 great-grandchildren; nieces and nephews. Groman Eden

Myron Weiss died April 19 at 85. Survived by wife Kathleen Roach.

Mildred Pinchoff Wolf died May 20 at 88. Survived by daughters Carole (Elliot) Weinstein, Susan Wolf (Gary) Kodel; son Martin (Nazy Nazarian); 8 grandchildren;  3 great-grandchildren. Groman Eden

Faye Zweig died May 17 at 94. Survived by daughter Sharon (Mark) Friedman; son Steven. Hillside

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