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Obama’s Mideast Policy

by JewishJournal.com

Posted on Oct. 8, 2009 at 2:49 pm

The following articles serve as an examination of President Obama’s Mideast Policy.  Lloyd Greif argues in opposition of the President.  Steven L. Spiegel argues in support of the President. Decide for yourself here.

Why Obama’s Mideast Policy Endangers Israel

by Lloyd Greif

Eight months into President Barack Obama’s administration, his Middle East peace “road map” is crystal clear. First, he dialed down the pressure on Iran, whose nuclear weapons program presents an existential threat to Israel. Second, he shifted the blame for Islamic extremism to Israel and solely blamed it for the Palestinian’s plight.  Read more.

Why Obama’s Mideast Policy Can Work

by Steven L. Spiegel

I am sick and tired of hearing about how Obama is “not good for the Jews,” or, as a friend of mine put it recently, “everyone who voted for him should be ashamed.” If looking for solutions to Israel’s toughest problems — Iran and the Mideast peace process — and trying to fix both is somehow bad for Israel, then I’m not sure what’s good.  Read more.

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