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  • Senate blocks Republican bill denying Planned Parenthood funds


    2 weeks ago

    The Senate on Thursday stopped an effort by Republicans to deny federal funding for women's healthcare provider Planned Parenthood as part of a bill keeping government agencies operating on Oct. 1, the start of the new fiscal year.

    The vote was still continuing.

    The Senate is next expected to advance the same federal funding bill, but without the provision stopping Planned Parenthood funding. Planned Parenthood denies allegations that it has improperly used fetal tissue from abortions.

  • Pope tells Congress U.S. should reject hostility to immigrants

    by Philip Pullella and Scott Malone, Reuters

    2 weeks ago

    Pope Francis told Congress on Thursday that the United States should reject a "mindset of hostility" to immigrants, directly addressing a thorny subject...

  • UC Regents reject statement of principles of intolerance

    by Jared Sichel

    2 weeks ago

    After months of anticipation over whether the University of California’s Board of Regents would adopt a formal definition of anti-Semitism in the wake...

  • Senate Democrats unveil climate-focused energy bill

    by Valerie Volcovici, Reuters

    2 weeks ago

    U.S. Senate Democrats on Tuesday unveiled energy legislation designed to hasten America's adoption of cleaner energy, slash greenhouse gas emissions...

  • Senate bill would keep federal agencies open into December

    by Susan Cornwell, Reuters

    2 weeks ago

    U.S. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday the Senate would vote on a stop-gap government funding bill this week that aimed at averting a shutdown of federal agencies at the Oct. 1 start of the new fiscal year.

    The measure would fund government agencies through Dec. 11, congressional aides said. Senate Republicans initially will seek to pass a version of the spending bill that cuts off all federal funds to Planned Parenthood, a non-profit women's healthcare group now embroiled in an abortion controversy.

  • Goldman CEO Blankfein says has ‘highly curable’ form of cancer

    by Olivia Oran and Richa Naidu, Reuters

    2 weeks ago

    Lloyd Blankfein, the chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs Group Inc, said on Tuesday he had a "highly curable" form of cancer and would...

  • Everything Jews need to know about Pope Francis’ U.S. visit

    by Gabe Friedman, JTA

    2 weeks ago

    On his first-ever trip to the United States, Pope Francis will arrive at the beginning of Yom Kippur and will not visit any synagogues.


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